Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bus Tour- I'm back on the bus. Yes. This time it's only for three short weeks. First stop was yesterday in Erie, PA (review coming). This leg I'll be hitting Philly, Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Bloomington, and Evansville.
Hitting up that Rust Belt baby!

Star Wars/LOTR Challenge- First round voting will most likely close Friday evening, with 2nd round matchups being posted on Saturday. Some upsets, some still close. Vote if you have not yet. Tell your friends. Wicket? Really?

NCAA- Kansas is NCAA champ. You probably knew that. Leading after the first round in my work pool, I faded fast with Wisconsin and UCLA in the finals. Man. Our man Smallegan was seen in "One Shining Moment" though, but no Keefe siting. Maybe next year.

Survivor- Things were shook up a bit last week. The whole fans vs. favorites thing is finally dying down. I think Ozzy was smart to get rid of Ami. I mean, why have loyalty to someone you only know because you have been on different seasons of Survivor? Work with the people it makes the most sense working with regardless if they are fans of favorites.
James is still dominating. What a Man-Child!
I'm excited for the merge. Here's how I see it going down.
Ozzy, James, Parvati, and Amanda will stay together.
Alexis, Natalie, and Jason will team together with Eliza kind of leading them and making decisions for them.
Both sides will court Erik, who will stay with Ozzy due to his incredible Man-Crush. This will piss off Jason who will go sometime in the next two. Him and Eliza will be the next to to go. Then James (too strong).
Final Three - Ozzy, Amanda, Erik.

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