Sunday, April 13, 2008

LOTR/Star Wars bracket update

Round One voting has finished. I don't know how to close the polls so it shows the results. I can only totally disable it, so I'll just keep them up.
Anyways, so good vote totals in the first round. Some upsets, some very close matches.
Here are the players who went updefeated- Vader, Han, Leia, Luke, Sam, Gandalf. Good start for the Star Wars favorites. Tough match for #1 seed Aragorn against Nien Numb. Didn't see that coming, but Aragorn prevailed.
Tough go for Christopher Lee, the actor portraying Count Dooku and Saruman- ended up 0-2. Ouch.
Upsets - #14 Wicket over #3 Saruman, #11 Witch King in a one vote victory over #6 Ben "These aren't the droids your looking for" Kenobi. Lesser upsets- #10 Faramir dominating #7 Pippin, #10 Wedge killing Gimli, and #10 Queen Amadala winning in a close match over Boromir.

We got some really great 2nd round matchups. Stay tuned.

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