Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sorry it's been while. There was a large influx of votes from the state of California (really) that made things interesting. But our Final Four is set. This is big

Gandalf- faced a tough, tough battle against Chewie. I'd have to say he is the favorite in this match.

Padme Amidala- The 10 seed has made it to the Final Four. wow. Who would have thought? The upsets just kept coming - Boromir, Yoda, Wicket (well) and now Aragorn. Huge upset. Can she keep it going?

Han Solo - Han has faced tough competition, but has recored more than 70% of the vote each time, looking to take it all.

Darth Vader- It's Darth Vader. I don't need to say much more.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones Movie Review

I saw IJATKOTCS yesterday as I was calling it early in the week, but after seeing it, I now know it is not worthy of an acronym.

It was disappointing. It was also entertaining. It started well. The beginning scene was classic Indy. There was mystery, you really wanted to know what was going on and what was going to happen. There scenes between Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf were all pretty quality. There was some chemistry there. You had the classic Indiana Jones figuring out the mystery and then the classic Indy flying/map scene. But then the movie started to go downhill - crazy grave protectors, vine-swinging, monkeys, sword fighting, giant fire ants, snake-rope, aliens (inter-dimensional beings) more grave protectors. I could keep going. Lame ending. I'll let you check it out for yourself. The chase scenes and fight scenes were too long and unbelievable. In the previous movies you look past that, and even enjoyed that because the overall plot was great. Here there were some good individual parts, but the whole plot was just not Indiana Jones worthy. My friend and I just kept looking at each other like "What is going on?"
I'll guess I'll give this thing 2 stars. It was a bad movie, but I liked it, if that makes sense. Still has the Indy music. A few of my friends were real upset, saying it tarnished the Indiana Jones legacy and one said he would just pretend it never even happened. I wouldn't go that far. For me, I'm glad I saw it, but it definitely did not live up to expectations. I would recommend seeing it at a matinée so you don't have to pay much, and go with very low hopes.
Tony Brown

Friday, May 23, 2008

Personal Sports Woes

So, the other day, I gave my list of Wisconsin Sports Despair. That got me thinking about my own personal sports despair, most of it coming from high school, much more heart wrenching.
My high school sports history was rather interesting as I went to school at an inner city Milwaukee Public School and played soccer and tennis. Suffice to say, Milwaukee Public Schools are not a hot bed for soccer and tennis. I'm pretty sure my junior and senior season of tennis I did not lose a set in conference tennis. But I digress.
Here's a few of my more memorable ones. Lost with 5 seconds left and 41 seconds and in overtime my freshmen year of soccer. Freshman year hurt my knee before a big tournament by hitting it on sewer cover while juggling. Sophomore year red card in the same tournament. Sophomore year tennis, one win away from going to the state tournament, lead the first set 4-1 lose, lead the second set 5-2 40-00 and lose. After the match I kick my partner's water bottle onto the court next to us, it opens, splashes water all over the court. I say, "We should've won that fucking match." I get kicked out of the tournament. Junior year overtime soccer loss which cost us the conference title.

But one story in particular stand out. It comes from my last high school soccer game. Let's just say that my senior year of soccer was pretty disappointing. I had loads of potential, making varsity my freshman year and honorable mention all-conference my sophomore year. But I never even got close to living up to that potential.
So our first regional game is against a suburban school. They are decent, but very beatable. We have a lot of injuries. We're playing on their weak field. It's a night game, a pretty good crowd for a soccer game. We start off well. I make a great run from my central defense position and assist our first goal in the 14th minute or so. We're excited. They come back and score two goals right before half. In the second half I get a bit more aggressive and push up more. I was fouled pretty much everytime I got the ball, probably 10 times and was marked pretty closely. Anyways, we never really had a close chance in that half. We lose 2-1. At the final whistle I bend over in despair. The other team's fan's start taunting me. Really. Just me. "Go home and cry #18" "It's all over Tony, why don't you cry about it" That probably wasn't the right thing to say to me at the time. I go into a bit of a berserker rage and run over to the stands, JUMP the fence and get into the face of the people taunting me. "If you got something to say, say it to my face" I keep saying, getting chest to chest with a bunch of the other teams fans, mostly football players. A bunch of my friends from the stand come running over to get my back, even my brother, and the only one of my teammates that comes over was the one with the broken foot. Things are about to jump off, but the kids stop trash-talking and I cool down. That's it. No fight.
The ironic thing was, they were right, I did cry after the game.
Thug Life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wisconsin Sports Despair

I can across a Sports Illustrated Article the other day about the disappointment of sports fans in Philadelphia. Apparently they have gone 100 seasons (professional sports only) without a championship. Check it out - Philly Futility
Their last championship was 1983. But that got me thinking about Milwaukee sports heartbreaks. The Brewers haven't made the playoffs since I've been alive. The last professional championship was 1971, but of course, we do not have 4 teams like Philly. I then expanded my sports heartbreaks the whole State of Wisconsin and started to get pretty depressed. I am one of those people who remembers the loses much more vividly than the wins. So I've put together my own list of Wisconsin Sports Heartbreaks. I'll concentrate mostly on the last dozen years, you know the things I actually remember. Enjoy.

21. Just Short- This is definitely a Milwaukee special here. George Webb is a popular area 24-hour diner. They have had an on-going promotion where they predict the Brewers will win 12 straight. Nobody knew what would happen until the Brewers won 13 straight in 1987 and everyone got free burgers! Wow. So in 2003, in the midst of another horrible season, the Brewers put together 10 straight wins. The city was abuzz anticipating free burgers. But, the streak was ended by the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Damn.
Heart broken. Stomach Empty.

20. Ray Allen Trade- Ray Allen, Milwaukee fan favorite gets traded for Gary Payton in 2003. This was the last ditch effort to take advantage of a good team. Gary Payton ended up playing about 20 games and led the Bucks to a first round playoff lose. The team has never recovered from the lose of Ray.

19. Robert "Tractor" Traylor- This one is mostly hindsight, but even at the time, you had to know Tractor Traylor wasn't going to be a great NBA player. I mean, he's fat. But who knew Dirk Nowitski was going to be so great? Just imagine the team with Dirk, Big Dawg, Sam Cassell, and Ray. Wow. Big Four.

18. 1981 Brewers - This is one I mostly heard about from my Mom. It has to do with the strike split season in 1981. Apparently the Brewers had by far the best record in the second half of the season and the better overall record, but had to play the Yankees in a playoff because the won the first half of the season. The Brewers lost of course and didn't make the playoffs until the next year. Sounds about right.

17. The Last Piece of the Puzzle- The year is 2001. The Bucks are coming off a heartbreaking conference Championship loss to the Sixers, but also a super promising year. Their solution to overcome the hump - Anthony Mason. I admit it, I was pretty stoked at the time, thought he would be the inside presence we needed. Boy, was I wrong. He came in fat, and stayed fat, slow, and lazy all season. He totally disrupted the flow of our game.
So how did Mason help out the Bucks? 2002, didn't even make the playoffs.

16. Packers home playoff loss- I've always hated the Vikings more than any team. They have been the Packers' biggest rival since I've been a fan, mostly due to the even match-ups between the two. But I guess I wasn't really into the Packer's this season. It was a tough loss, but I barely remember the game. Mostly I remember the Randy Moss Moon. Man. 15. Best Team Never to Make it to a Final? - Apparently, the Milwaukee Bucks were a force to be reckoned with in the 80's. They went to the playoffs every year of the 1980's winning 7 straight division titles, but never made it to the finals. They lost to Seattle in 7 games in '80, Philly in 7 games in '81, Philly in 6 in '82, Philly in 5 in the '83 conference finals, Boston in the '84 conference finals, Philly again in 85, Boston again in the '86 conference finals, and then Boston in 7 games in 87.
Man, always the brides maid, but I would definitely take Conference final Appearance for the Bucks in the next few years.

14. The Lambeau Mystique? - The Green Bay Packers had NEVER lost a home playoff game. 8-0 at home on the year. Brett Favre had never lost under 30 degrees. It was January and snowing against the dome-team Atlanta Falcons. Things were looking good. But looks were far from the truth. At nights end, the Packer's streaks were done. A 27-7 loss. Wow, there goes the Lambeau mystique. And Green Bay has never really captured it back.
But Atlanta's amazing quarterback is currently sitting in jail after running dog-fighting rings, so I guess I'll take the loss.

13. Brewers Management - Let's face it, the 1990's were a rough decade for the Brewers, and that may be an understatement. Much if it was due to horrible personal moves. Bud Selig baby. Wow, he was bad. I'm sure every team can look back on the bad moves they made, but for the Brewers, it just seems astonishing. Here's just a few of them.
Break out years after leaving the Brewers - John Jaha, Dante Bichette, B.J. Surhoff, Paul Moliter, Gary Sheffield, even Troy O'Leary.
Horrible pick-ups - Jeffery Hammonds, Chuckie Carr, Marquis Grissom, Glendon Rusch, Henry Blanco, Gerald Williams.
And I am sure many, many more.

12. Pacers Series Losses - 1999 and 2000. This was a fun time for the Bucks. There was really the sense of improvement and the feeling that something big would soon happen. I remember George Karl getting standing ovations. Unfortunately, both of these years we ran into the top seeded Indiana Pacers. Both series were good fights, especially the second one, with Indiana winning the deciding game 5 with a late 3 pointer from Travis Best. Man, Travis Best. But the play of the Bucks even made Reggie Miller cordial, saying "The better team lost the series."

11. Badgers Start 9-0. - This was a big one for me, but might not be remembered as well by most people. It was my junior of college, my first year living off campus. We lived right on Dayton Street. Lots of great pre-game parties (beer bongs, quarters, Beirut, a great pre-game CD). Look at our support below. (That's a nice looking B) Just an awesome time/place. Plus, the Badgers, who weren't supposed to be great that year, started out an incredible 9-0. They were ranked 4th in the country. There was talk about a national championship. We squeaked out a win at Arizona. Beat Ohio State convincingly at the Horse Shoe and Scott Starks amazing sack/fumble recovery TD over Kyle Orton and Purdue. But it all came viciously crashing down in the 10th game. At Michigan State we got crushed 49-14. A particular Michigan St, goal stance at the end of the first half sticks out in my brain. And a week later, we still had a chance to get to the Rose Bowl, but again were crushed, this time 30-7 against Iowa. The great season ended with an Outback Bowl loss to Georgia.
What could have been.

10. TO catch- I can still see TO's crying ass face after his last second TD catch from Steve Young in the Packer's 1998 wild-card loss to the 49ers. He wasn't well known back then, but I've hated him ever since. Many have joined the hate-wagon since. Jerry Rice's fumble helped bring back instant reply. Mike Holgren's last game. All and all a tough day.

9. Losses to the Cowboys - Green Bay Packer losses to the Dallas Cowboys were just a given part of my childhood. 3 times in the playoffs including one Conference Championship. Three regular season loses including the damn Jason Garrett Thanksgiving game. I hate the Cowboys still.

8. Brewers losing seasons- Another given in my childhood/high school years - the Brewers would suck. Yes, no doubt about it. Losing season 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. Wow, that's a lot. I went to countless games at County Stadium and then Miller Park and listened to Bob Uecker pretty much every night. Many loses. Many, many loses. Trivia, what Brewer is pictured below?

7. '07 Collapse - That being said, I also remember that pretty much every year since 2002 was going to be "the year" for the Brewers. '06 was a bust, but '07 had to be it. I even made it to opening day. The excitement in Brew City was palpable, 24-10 best record in the league. But this is still fresh in the memory of you all I'm sure. Ben Sheets injury, horrible streak by Capuano, JJ Hardy drop in production, pretty much a bad 2nd half of the season. Taken over by the dreaded Chicago Cubs. So close, yet....

6. Badger Basketball -
I'm confident in saying the The Wisconsin Badger Basketball program is among the elite in the country. There is no doubt about it. Look at this decade. Awesome. But they are just not good enough to compete in March. This makes me very sad and angry. Just look at the last two years. Ever since my senior year 2006 I was talking up 2007 as the Year for the Badgers- Tucker, Taylor, Butch - pretty much telling everyone I know about them. I was feeling a Championship. We even got the #1 ranking. But a falter down the stretch we ended with a 2 seed and lost to UNLV in the second round. Such a disappointment. Then this past year was the opposite, no expectations. But a great season including a Big Ten outright championship and a Big Ten Tournament Championship, got hopes high again. I was feeling Final Four. It was looking good after dominating Beasley and Kansas St., but again we were brought up only to be let down hard, getting killed by Davidson. This one still hurts. Also, it made me realize that Bo Ryan and Wisconsin will never win a Championship or even go to the Final Four. We just don't have the athletes.
I still bleed Wisconsin Red, though!

5. Braves Leave Milwaukee - This should probably be number one, but it was so long ago. My parents still talk about it to this day. The Braves left Milwaukee in 1965 and the city did not have a professional sports team for a while. Yes, a big lose for the city. Hank Aaron breaks the record in an "A" hat instead of an "M". I can't image a team living. Sorry Seattle.

4. Big Dog Miss- 2001 conference finals, it's all knotted up 2 games apiece. Game 5 in Philadelphia is a back and forth affair. Eric Snow played with a fractured ankle. Bucks were down 1 Derrick Mckie misses two free throw. Glenn Robinson has a 12-foot jumper from the baseline with a second left. It's his shot.... looks good... Buck will control the series...rims out...damn.
Yes, this was the chance for the Bucks to go to the Championship. Will it happen again in my life time?

3. 2008 NFC Championship - This one still upsets me. At home against the Giants. We play pretty badly, still have a chance to win, blow it all. You know the story. I drank a lot that night, good thing I didn't have to work the next day.

2. 4th and 26- This one really makes me want to use the Lords name in vain. I'm serious. Look at that picture.
I can't talk about it. 4th and 26 has it's own wikipedia entry check that

1. Superbowl XXXII Loss - Man this one still hurts ten years later. Good thing I couldn't drink at the time. Haha. It's still a punch in the stomach. Man. I hate seeing Elway's horse-ass-face and his "incredible" first down run. It was so unbelievable at the time. Even when Holmgren let them score, even when it was fourth down, even after the pass to Chumura hit the ground, I still thought the Pack was going to win. Man. I still can't believe it.

There you go sports fans. It's great to be a Wisconsin sports fan, I'm not gonna lie. We talk about Super Bowl XXXI, 1982, 1977, Ron Dayne in the Rose Bowl, 1971, even 1957. I love it. It's a hard love to have, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. All these tragedies make the triumphs even sweeter. It's not just sports. It's life.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ideas 2.0

Well, not much feedback from you guys. I'm a little disappointed (thanks Thorzul).
But I've come up with some ideas on my own and I'll give you a little preview of what to expect over the next few months. There is no set order on these things. I'm just getting you excited.

- Simpson's Best Episode Countdown - a very daunting task, somewhat like choices between 6 of one and a half a dozen of the other, though I do hate that phrase. But there are so many great episodes to choose from. I look forward to it.
- Today at the Olympics - This one won't happen for a while, but everyday I can, I will give the Tony Brown update of the Olympics. This will mainly be what I see on TV that day that interests me. This could be human interest stories, amazing performances, injuries, mistakes, weird fans, weird things about China, attractive women, and my betting. I strongly advice you to bet on the Olympics. It is one of the funnest things ever. Not like online or in Vegas or anything, but just with your friends. Bet a dollar on everything. Make it as arbitrary as possible. It works best for track and field and swimming. The rules are you can never pick the US and in those two events you cannot pick lanes 4,5, or 6, because they are the best times. So pick someone from an outside lane. Whoever finishes better between you and your friend(s) wins the money. I've had great luck in the past with Japanese swimmers and Bahamas runners. This arbitrary betting also works well for late night events you know nothing about - field hockey, judo, archery, and also crazy basketball and soccer games like Angola vs South Korea. Try it out.

- Euro 2008 - I'm not sure how many soccer fans read this, but I'll be updating you on the European Championships this summer. It is much like the World Cup, but just with Europe. And the final is being held at Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium. Gotta love the Austrians.
- Star Wars/Lord of the Rings Final Four - Should be up tomorrow or Wednesday.
- Montana- I'll try to post some pictures of where I live/what I do. Might be boring to most, but now that the weather is nice, the place is pretty cool.
- Randomness - do not worry, the randomness will continue
- Bus Tour - Do not worry, the bus tour will continue. Hopefully I'll get out on it before the summer is done.
- Survivor Audition - I plan on trying out for Survivor again and I'll try to post the video on here. That should provide you with two to three minutes of entertainment.
- Politics - It's a big year. I'll keep you updated on all the inside info including Vampire candidates, scandals, and other stuff. Actually, I work in Politics, so I probably won't write about it here.

That's on the agenda, plus a few other random things. Again, I am open to suggestions to anything you would like me to write about.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, it doesn't look like I'll be back out on the bus for at least a couple more months.
Survivor is done.
The Lord of the Rings/Star Wars tourney is winding down.
I didn't win Shaq Attaq pinball.
The English Premier League ended Sunday.
My soccer team starts this weekend, but it's in Milwaukee, and I'm in Montana.
So what am I going to write about?

Most likely I"ll just write about the same randomness I have in the past. You know, whatever strikes my fancy. I could do more tournaments with polls and things. I could do more countdowns, like the sports movie ones. I could pick some sort of theme, like rap song lyrics, power hour songs, comic books and write mainly about that. I could update you on the happenings in Montana. I could write about politics and news. Eh, probably not. But let me know. I need some ideas. Tell me what works, and what doesn't. We need to keep this thing strong over the summer.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Survivor Finale

Another season of Survivor has come and gone. What was this, number 16? Wow. Lots of good times. Jeff Probst called this one of the most exciting seasons yet. I'm not sure if I agree with him. I didn't like the fans vs. favorites theme. When people already know each other the game is totally different. There were tons of back stabs and blind sides which made the game interesting, but maybe there was too much strategy. Someone like Chet and maybe even Cirie should be voted out right away. Did getting rid of Joel really help the team? And James and Jonathon, two of my favorite players, both had to be taken off due to medical reasons. Man.
On Thursday night I had a pretty strange dream about Parvati and Amanda. I'll spare you the details, but I should have known they would be the final two. In the end, I was totally rooting for Amanda. I feel she deserved it more. Two seasons in a row, two finals, lots of challenge wins, two tough losses.
Yeah, so some quality TV again. Even in a season I don't particularly like, it is still my favorite show on television and something I look forward to watching. Look for me to be on 2 seasons from now. I'm feeling the Survivor producers will get their heads out of their ass and put me on the show. I feel I have America's backing. What will my occupation be? Political worker, bus-around-the-country passenger, blogger? Can't wait.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, it's time for me to say a thing or two about the Brewers. Of course, I've been saying for a long time that with was going to be our season. I even left work early on Opening Say just to watch the game on TV. I mean look at the line-up Weeks, Hardy, Braun, Fielder, Hart, Hall- so many young hitters, plus the arrival of Cameron for veteran leadership. And the pitching looked better than decent with lots of youth plus fragile Ben Sheets and a slew of quality relievers. Things were looking great indeed. 2008 is the year of the Brewers.

And look at us on May 9th - 16-18, 4th in the Division, 6 game losing streak including sweeps by the Astros and Marlins. Man. The Brewers look like a bad team. Let's quickly dissect what is going wrong.

1. Offense- The Brewers simply are not scoring runs. That's pretty easy to see. It is not just one person, but everyone. Batting the pitcher 8th actually seems to be helping. Some say as Prince goes, so goes the Brewers. I disagree with that. I mean it would help loads if he was hitting like last year, but look at Hardy, look at Hart, look at Hall all are playing vastly below their levels.
Way to fix it? Not sure of changing the line-up will help at all. I'm hoping that getting hot will be contagious. I'll calling out J.J. Hardy to get his shit together and start the dominoes.

2. Gagne/Turnbow - I'm pinning this one more on Gagne than Turn-blow. 5 blown saves? Wow. The league record is 14. Just think, if we win one of those that we lost (I think we lost 3 0f the 5) we are .500, if we win two, we are two games above 500. Big difference.
I like Torres, Mota, and Riske, but I don't think any of them are long-term closers. So again, do we just ride the wave?

3. Jeff Suppan - 1-2 with a 5.22 ERA, not horrible numbers, but not what you want from your number two man, which he was at the start of the season without Gallardo and now is again. This one I am worried about.

4. I'm in Montana - yep, is it karma, or is it because I am not there to cheer our boys on?
I'm thinking this will actually be the reason for the Brewers upcoming turnaround. The Brewers are bound to go to the playoffs.

So how do we change these things? I don't really know. I am confident, though, that the Brewers are a good team, possibly a great team. They will turn themselves around. I feel they do need a catalyst, something to fire them up. Maybe a fight or a walk of homer or something like the Prince/Capps thing from last year.
I do not know, but I'm calling the turnaround starting tonight (or maybe tomorrow because I'm not sure if the Brewers will get a chance to read this by gametime) . You heard it here.
We love the Crew!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elilte Eight

Time to figure out the final four. We got 5 Star Wars - 3 old, 2 new - and 3 Lord of the Rings.
Padme Amidala is the lowest seed left after ousting Wicket. All number one seeds remain.

1. Gandalf vs. 2. Chewbacca-
Gandalf has had little trouble so far. Chewie barely beat Legolas. Can the Wookie upset the wizard?

1. Aragorn vs. 10. Padme Amidala-
The queen keeps moving forward, beating Boromir, Yoda, and now the upstart Ewok. Will it be enough against the King?

1. Han Solo vs. 3. Sam-
The smuggler vs. the fat Hobbit. Will charm and bravery overcome honesty and loyalty?

1. Vader vs. 2. Obi-Wan Kenobi-
Lots of history between these two. This is kind of the rubber match with Obi-Wan winning in Episode III and Vader winning in A New Hope. Will Obi-Wan fight this time? Will he maintain his momentum after dominating Gollem? Or should he have switched to the Dark Side like Vader?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Best Sports Movie Song Ever?

Try to be best
‘Cause you’re only a man
And a man’s gotta learn to take it

Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you gotta hang tough to make it

History repeats itself
Try and you’ll succeed

Never doubt that you’re the one
And you can have your dreams!

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Fight ‘til the end
Cause your life will depend
On the strength that you have inside you

Ah you gotta be proud
starin’ out in the cloud
When the odds in the game defy you

Try your best to win them all
and one day time will tell
when you’re the one that’s standing there
you’ll reach the final bell!

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ho-how-ho-own


You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Fight ‘til you drop
never stop
can’t give up
Til you reach the top (FIGHT!)
you’re the best in town (FIGHT!)
Listen to that sound
A little bit of all you got
Can never bring you down

You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!

repeat to fade, occasional background shouts of “Oh Ye-eah!”

Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm sad.
Shaq is sad.
D-Wade is sad.
I did not win Shaq Attaq Pinball. Too pricey.
Don't worry, some day my dreams will come true.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Work- I'm back in Montana. It is fun (very boring). I surf the internet a lot. I gchat a lot. My immediate boss, the media director, just put in his two weeks, but the president here told him not to come back. Great. Is that really the way the world works? So now I got more work and responsibility, which isn't a bad thing. Actually the media dept now just has me and one intern under me. When I first got here there were 6 staff. Yeah, so more interns will be coming soon. I got this place on lock.

Shaq Attaq- The Shaq Attaq price has gone up quickly, but is still not insanely high for a real pinball machine. I put down bids twice, which were outbid soon after. So now I am playing the waiting game. 10 hours, I'll put in the late bid. It looks around $400 right now, but me and Brendan are going 50/50. We also have the backup plan of Virtue Tennis, which is being sold by the same seller, just in case Shaq gets to pricey.
I love Shaq!

LOTR/STAR WARS Tourney- Lots of good match-ups out there. But voting seems to have drawn to a lull. Shoot. I'll probably close the polls Monday morning. Vote if you have not yet.

Survivor- Um, my predictions were close, but a bit off the mark, thanks mostly to Ozzie not using the idol. Did you see it last night? Wow, one of the biggest SALTY moments I can remember in Survivor history. Those girls got served! Good work Amanda. The jury was freaking loving it. I wish it woulda been Natalie who went home, but she can't be too far off.
Everything worked out with Erik winning immunity and Amanda playing it up that she didn't find it. Salty. James is gone, though, too, so I am salty. Damn. He is my man. I'll miss him. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Random- I'm exited for the new Indiana Jones.
Songs I randomly like right now - Braveheart Party - Nas and Mary J. Blige
A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum
Moondance - Van Morrison
I got a nice, fitted, flat-brimmed, new Brewers hat. Good start to the season.
I got some pretty fly new shoes - Air Force Ones, fake patent leather bright yellow and maroon, with a black swoosh and white laces. Pretty hot.
I think my favorite words right now are "poignant" and "deluge"
I miss pub quiz and karaoke
There is still snow on the ground in Montana