Friday, April 25, 2008

South Bend, IN

"Cheer, Cheer for old Notre Dame. Sing of her Glory and Sound her Fame."

I was a big Notre Dame fan growing up, but that faded as I grew and eventually realized that they are an elitist, anti-semitic institution, who takes money an opportunities away from public institutions. And every freaking game on TV, F that.
But I did bring the bus to Notre Dame and I did get caught up in it for a bit. It is a pretty cool place. I had Rudy flashbacks. There is also a tangible catholic, spiritual feel. I got multiple compliments on my icon bracelet. Touchdown Jesus is really cool, as is the Golden Dome. There are tons of mall areas and it's just a cool campus.

Ok enough sweating ND. The day itself was good. We were parked by the football stadium, not exactly in the center of campus. The group that sponsored us were really nice and helpful. They loved voting. Most people were really nice and into us. It was a bit slow, but one TV station and the South Bend Newspaper came out and did stories on us. Lots of cute girls, if you're into cute, young, rich white girls. Which I am, but not exclusively. And man, never before had I seen a less diverse school. I saw about 4 black people, all of whom were obviously athletes. Madison wasn't nearly as bad. It was sad.
I wanted to sneak into the football stadium and pee on the 50 yard line, but couldn't get in. Shoot.
But a fun day. Beautiful weather yet again.

Grade: B

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