Monday, April 21, 2008

Cleveland, OH

On Friday we were in Cleveland, home of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and some other stuff. We were at Cleveland State University. I was pretty sick so I didn't do much or talk to many people and it was slow anyways. I made a few random observations, but forgot them, so here are some observations I made about Southampton, England when I lived there 3 years ago, but let's pretend they pertain to Cleveland.

-I've noticed many people walking with limps, at least ten a day. Somethings not right with that.
Stereotypically English things like double-decker
buses and bad teeth ain't just stereotypes.
-They call it
"take-away" instead of "take out" or "carry-out"
-Females love to wear big boots and short skirts, no matter what their age or size.
-the @ key and the " key are switched on the keyboard
-Showers seem to have 3 temperatures: cold, luke-warm, and scalding hot - there's
a lot of garbage everywhere
- there's a bar in my dorm, which is open 7 nights a week, pretty much showing the different attitude
towards drinking.
Yeah, this post doesn't make much sense.

Grade: D+


Matthew said...

You're pretty cutthroat with the grading. Nothing above a B?

Erin said...

you crack me up tony brown! hope you're feeling better!