Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Video Ever

I know there are a lot of videos flying around on the internet- I mean funny youtube videos, not porn, like funny dancing, people beating Super Mario impossibly quickly, broken legs, great goals, great shots, that intense squirrel, Joe Namath trying to kiss that ESPN sideline reporter, "Practice", "Playoffs?!" , a couple at my top are Phil Simms getting hit by a snowball and Rick Majerus talking about Rudy Gay saying "I'm not a big Gay guy." Most are very funny or cool, but here is my most favorite # 1 internet/youtube video

Wow! It is pretty much perfect. For one, it is short. I have a short attention span. Also, you see the kid running by and don't think anything of it. You think it's gonna be a great buzzer beater, then BAM the kid is airborn. Man. And to cap it off, just look at the crowds reaction. Never ceases to be hilarious.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Just wanted to warn you about the content of this post. It is definitely adult-oriented, so kids, turn away. I am by no means a pornographer, but this next pic is as close to it was you will ever find on this blog. I really don't know else how to describe it. I feel the temperature rising just talking about it.
Sorry again to all of those of you looking for something more highbrow.
Thank you again to Survivor.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Women of Survivor

Survivor is back for yet another season, and if you didn't know, it is by far my favorite show. I even sent in audition tapes for it twice. (These were some pretty baller tapes, but I never heard back. I'll see what I can do about getting these up on the blog some day, definitely worth the effort.) This season the theme is Fans vs. Favorites, where 10 past players face off against 10 new players. I'm not a big fan of this format. It should always be new players who know nothing about eachother. But there are a lot of attractive females among the favorites and I saw a photo gallery on the CBS website called "The Women of Survivor" and it had over 100 pics of women from Survivor. So, after much thought and effort, I developed a list of the hottest women ever on Survivor. Number one was super obvious, but I went into the depths of my mind and had to do a lot of deliberation and research. Enjoy.

Hottest Women of Survivor

Honorable Mention: This could be a crowded category. I mean you have mostly young, athletic women in swim suits and there's often challen
ges that involves wrestling and mud. It's hard to go wrong. I was not a fan of the Amazon girls, a little too fake for me. Some sleepers Kim P from the Africa season- slim pickings there, Brooke from the Guatemala- she only made it a few episode, but was remembered well by this man. Jerri and Amber from Austriala. Becky from Cook Islands, Stephanie from Guatemala and Palau was pretty hardcore. I also liked Ami from Vanuatu even if she doesn't like men and Eliza from the same season- very large eyes, but my roommate particularly liked her for something else very large she brought to the table. I am glad to see both of them back this season. Vanuata was a very attractive season. (possibly some foreshadowing for the top of my list.)
On to the top 5.....

5. Colleen/Elizabeth
Had to go with both here, pretty much the same. Both young, small, skinny, did well in the game. Both super cute, someone you would love to take home to mom and dad. Gave a good reason to tune in every week and when you think Survivor hottie, you defintely think of those first two seasons.
Both seemed super nice too. Oh and both went on to bigger an
d better things after the show- Colleen in "The Animal" with Rob Schneider (ok, maybe not better) and Elizabeth to "The View". She basically runs that shit.
A good start.

4. Parvati

From Cook Islands- the season where they were all divided by race. She has a great smile and a nice body. And she uses what she gots, probably one of the most flirty players ever in Survivor. And she's back this season. James is pretty much putty in her hand, but I guess I would be too.

3. Candice

Again, one of the white girls from the Cook Islands season. I really didn't like her, but she's hot. No doubt. Blonde, not usually my style, but I'll take it he
re, and again a great smile. And while researching I found her last name is Woodcock. Fitting.

2. Darrah

From the Panama season. This might be my most dark horse pick, but there is something about her, man, just did it for me. Maybe it was the southern accent. Maybe it was the dark hair. Maybe it was the fact that she is a mortician! Maybe it was the fact that this season there were no other attractive girls or that I was a 20 year-old living in a college dorm when it aired. Maybe it was the hot skirt and yellow buff/tube top that she always wore, but she definitely hit all the right buttons for me. She played the game well too, getting to the final four. Oh, and in this season there were challenges with a gun (which she won) and a blow gun! Wow I love Survivor. Darrah is fit. Pictures don't do her justice.

1. Julie

There really was no contest here. I mean just look at these pictures. Amazing. Julie Berry from Vanuatu. I pretty much want to marry her. I heard she
was dating Jeff Probst (that fuck) maybe even married to him, but I'm not sure. Again, I watched this season as a 21 year old while living in an apartment with three other guys. Pretty much we would just watch and check out the girls and rate them and say what we would do to them. Yeah, that sounds about right. So Julie, drop me an email. We should get together sometime.
This wasn't even a race. She won by miles. And she played the game pretty well. And I'm sure she's a good person too. But, wow-fit, hot, the bomb, bangin', sexy, fly- whatever you wanna say. She is it.

Yeah, so there you go. Just my opinion. Sorry I'm so superficial. Please let me know what you think and if there's anyone I forgot.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Oscars

I guess the Academy Awards are this weekend. Excited? Me neither.
I decided I would impart upon you the Tony Oscars. But unfortunately, I am even less in touch with the pulse of movies right now than the Academy voters. In fact, out of every movie nominated for any award- from best picture to sound mixing- I have only seen two. So, take anything I am about to say with many grains of salt.

Criteria for nomination: All that had to happen was that I viewed the entire movie for the first time this past year. So, if I've never seen the Karate Kid until 2 months ago, that would be eligible, but of course, you know that is not the case. You may see some oldies though.
Also, I made some of my own categories. So, without further ado, enjoy my Oscars.

Best Picture:

American Gangster
The Prestige
Little Miss Sunshine
The Pursuit of Happyness
Gangs of New York

Winner: Gangs of New York-
awesome film, not sure why I hadn't seen it until now. Can you believe Chicago beat out this, the Pianist, and LOTR: The Two Towers for best picture in 2002? I thought Juno was a bit overrated, I mean it was good, but as far as teen pregnacy goes I liked Jena Malone and Saved! better. Second was probably Little Miss Sunshine and The Prestige Third. But none of these movies, even the winner will make my all time favorite list.

Best Comedy:

Simpsons Movie
Knocked Up

Winner: Knocked Up
I loved the scene at the bar, and his friends, and the interaction between Paul Rudd and his wife and kids. Simpsons was like a real good long episode. Beerfest was funny funny, Accepted was surprisingly good.

Foreign Film:

The Great Match (winner) I saw more than one, but this was by far the best. Check it out.


For the Bible Tells Me So
Jesus Camp
The Staircase

Winner: Tie (For the Bible Tells Me So and Jesus Camp) both great documentaries. They show me why I am a Christian, both the good and bad that it can bring. Check them out.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Darjeeling Limited
Casino Royale

Blood Diamond
The Fountain
Black Snake Moan
Lady in the Water

Winner: None- all these movies were good, but all also disappointed

Actors: I won't pick a winner, but just ramble on about ones I liked.
Liked pretty much all the actors in Little Miss Sunshine- Steve Carrell, the brother, Alan Arkin the grandpa, and Greg Kinnear the dad.
Liked Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness- great performance, also Love Djimon Hounsou, no different in Blood Diamond- great performance, Denzel
was his usual awesome self in American Gangster, though not up to Training Day level, really liked Russell Crowe too, Christian Bale rocked in The Prestige- maybe my fave of the year, Michael Caine was pretty nice too, and Hugh Jackman was great in it and The Fountain even though I really didn't know what was going on, the Dad in Juno- J.K. Simmons I believe was the best character in the film, I liked the friends in Knocked up especially the one with the mohawk and the one always hitting on the married sister and gotta love the Harold Ramis cameo, Daniel Craig is a ballin' Bond, and talking about Daniel Day-Lewis and Liam Neeson in Gang of New York is almost unfare.
Wow, I guess I like men.

I couldn't help but feel tremendous compassion for Jennifer Garner in Juno. I wanted to give her that baby. Bryce Dallas Howard was great in The Lady in the Water. I guess the girl was good in Juno and I guess Scarlett-Jo was good in The Prestige. Also gotta give props to Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and Rachel Weisz in The Fountain

Hot girls- well Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in the Devil..... and Rachel Weisz and Jennifer Garner again. And a couple not mentioned yet- Jessica Alba in FF2, Sophia Bush and the rest of the girls in John Tucker Must Die, and Emmy Rossum in Posei
don- gotta be number one.

Best Scenes:
Little Miss Sunshine- getting the van to start, when the brother learns he can't be in the air force, and sneaking the grandpa out of the hospital
Knocked Up- When they were on the double date and Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd were drunk talking about Back to the Future and the Delorian- hilarious
The Pursuit of Happyness- Fighting for a spot in line at the shelter- very real
Talladega Nights- the fake commercials after the movie- make sure you see them- best part of the entire movie
Beer Fest- the initial training scene where they all get hammered on like a third of a keg and the college party scene is good too

American Gangster- the first family get together at the first house, getting all the corrupt cops
Gangs of New York- the first fight- awesome, Bill's birthday party, the mission dance and play
Jon Tucker Must Die- when he was so impossibly amazing at dunking, I'm taking mascot on trampoline good, even in a thong. The movie was real bad, but also funny. It made me think about making a movie about high school I'll keep you posted on that.

So there you go. My past year in movie viewing. I'm sure I forgot some things. But overall, lots of good comedies, no great action movie or epic drama, but I guess that's ok, but probably why Gangs of New York won. Check out those documentaries. Peace.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Done wit da Bus

Yes, I am done with the bus for now. I'll be back on it in about six weeks, checking out another part of the country.

Reflections/Things we learned
- people like Vote Smart, but never heard of it before
- it's hard to drive a 40 foot long, 11 foot wide, 13 1/2 foot high bus. There are some places it just should not go
- It's nice to have your own bathroom
- It's nice to have your own bed
- I'm getting kind of old
- colleges are fun, but I don't think any of them can measure up to the University of Wisconsin
- gas is expensive, especially if you get 8 miles per gallon
- surprisingly, living on a huge red and blue bus does not help you score chicks
- starting to drink at 5 or 6 o'clock is not a good idea
- I still got some charm in these bones
- California is not all sun and fun
- I apologize for using the phrase "score chicks" earlier
- California has a lot of cars
- you should not schedule events in the midwest in January. It's cold
- you should plan on driving over mountain passes in January in one night
- Mormons are nice
- Mormons love Project Vote Smart
- high school kids love me. I had them wanting to come to Montana, asking me to come to a party, and asking me to come watch their soccer game. A little creepy.
- It's a bad idea to get very drunk and wander around a city you don't know and look for a bus you don't remember where you parked in.
- many reporters are good looking
- young people love Obama
- Mexicans also love Vote Smart

Best stops- BYU, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Bakersfield, Joplin
Best food- hmm, not Hooters, went there for the first time in my life and was far from impressed, not Cracker Barrel or Denny's - kinda sucked, not Rubio's- a bit overrated (sorry JJ), not Coldstone- always disappoints
probably any burger with onions, cheese, onion rings, and BBQ sauce great in Lyons, CO and Red Robin in SD, Fatburger was surprisingly good, and Shrimp Scampi at Red Lobster and most small Mexican Restaurants were pretty good. Yes, we ate out a lot and I like food.
Best Drinks- hmmm again, got some real strong ones in Columbia, MO. Free drinks are always good- Appleton, Columbia, Calabasas ,but I still gotta stick wit Smithwicks as the best beer and Jame-O as the best shot.
Best parts- new cities, warm weather, after work naps, hearing people say how much they loved Vote Smart, Santa Barbara, dinner at the Brady's, winning Pub Quiz, Andy's house + the Bobcat, seeing old friends, karaoke, interviews, Gladiators, Lost, front page of newspapers
Yeah, check the past posts.

So here's to the bus, my home for 6 weeks.

And don't worry, now that I am back in Montana, I can go back to writing about random, meaningless, funny stuff. Yes!

San Diego, CA

San Diego California, the last stop of this leg of the tour for me. Our at least it was supposed to be. I had San Diego, CA February 13th highlighted on my calendar as the final stop of this portion of our tour for many months. Only, I guess this was never confirmed by the University of California-San Diego. Yep, I really dropped the ball on this one. We got to the school and nobody knew we were coming. Apparently my contact linked my up to someone else who was going to take over the planning. I thought just the details, but I guess it was everything. So, no one to blame but myself. Shit. So our last stop was really Huntington Beach. Great!

Grade: Incomplete (I probably should give myself an F)

Huntington Beach, CA

Orange County California, not exactly the same as the TV shows. I guess we were in the Northern Part and most of the money is in the Southern Part. Yeah, it was pretty much a boring day. The member who set it up was really pissed that the one college gave us a shitty spot to park the bus and again later when a number of people he invited to the bus did not come.
Appartently Huntington Beach is the offical "Surf City", so we went to the beach, another beautiful day. I did buy some green shorts to go with my green shoes (see Milwaukee post) but I'm not certain I'll ever wear them. Yeah, really uneventful day. Lots of good scenery on the way south to San Diego.

Grade: D (no media, no free lunch, but good weather)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekend in LA/Calabasas

Well, we were at Calabasas High School on Friday, but most of the fun happened Friday night in LA. It was my first time in LA. I got tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live. I got these about two month ago, but because of the writer's strike, I didn't know who was gonna be on until the day of. The great lineup- Flavor Flav, David Tyree, and the chef Rocco Dispirito. eh, nothing great. But it was my first time at a live show and it was pretty fun. It's very cool being there. Flavor Flav was pretty ridiculous. He was either drunk or on drugs or all the drugs he did in the 80's are still affecting him, but he took over the show. It was very entertaining and funny. Much of the show was just the lot of them clownin' and fucking around, hard to believe that is TV, but I guess that is why I like Jimmy Kimmel, pretty laid back.

Ok, the show was good, but the best part was afterwards. We hung out in Hollywood for a bit and went home pretty soon after the show. (Backstory: I got a fortune from a Chinese Restaurant the other day saying your dreams will come true when you least expect.) So we are waiting for the train, and who come down the stairs, but Uncle Frank!Now for those of you who don't know Uncle Frank, sorry, I really can't explain him. He is Jimmy's Uncle and on the show. Anyways, he was walking and I said hello. He came up to us shook our hands and talked to us for like 2 minutes. He was very nice, I mean, he's not a really celebrity, but he was a nice guy. He said "I think Flavor Flav overstepped his bounds a bit, but is a good guy. He said Jimmy is a great guy, told us how they were related, that he was now divorced. He also told us that he used to be a a NYC cop and really didn't know what he was doing on the show "I don't even drive. I just take the train." We told him about ourselves quickly. He said we were great and went on his way. A pretty funny meeting.
And I'm not saying it was my dream to meet Unlce Frank, but it was pretty cool.

Ok, Saturday we stayed in Calabasas and went out at night. Again, a beautiful day. We met a nice bartender, got a free drink and some real good food, then went to another bar. It was kind of weird. I guess all the young people go into LA and their parents, specifically mothers, go out. There were a lot of milfs out, our cougars as JJ calls them. Kind of like the Real Housewives of Orange County. Fun stuff. Yeah, I was the youngest person there. I still not some dancing, but got a little scared by the 40+ year old getting close to molesting me. ha, for real.
Sunday I hung out again in Calabasas, again a beautiful day, sat outside a lot, rehydrated, and read Harry Potter 4, and went to the movie theater by myself to watch Juno. It was good, but didn't quite live up to the hype. I like Saved better.

Calabasas, CA

"The best thing about high school girls: I get older, but they stay the same age."
A nice quote, but one I am glad I cannot take credit for.
We brought the bus to Calabasas High School, a pretty wealthy suburb of LA- think Bayside High meets the OC. Lots of rich kids, but they were nice and polite for the most part, at least pretended to pay attention and seemed much more normal than our last trip to a high school in Santa Rosa. There were some regular kids here and what seemed like a lot of school spirit.
Pretty normal day. Great weather again. But I'm too old for high school.

Grade: C+

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara fulfilled all my California stereotypes- sunny, warm, nice ocean view, lots of hot girls, lots of skater/surfers, I heard the words "dude" and "brah" a lot, big sunglasses. Yes. A fun day.
We were at the campus of Santa Barbara City College. The weather was about 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. The campus has an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean. Students weren't too interested in what we had to say, but we talked to a lot and most were nice. And the girls, man, by far the highest concentration of very hot girls I have ever seen in my life. They just kept coming and coming. And they were all different types- like trendy designer clothes, regualr t-shirts and jeans, a bit punk, all races. Good things. Oh, and again, I saw the largest percent of girls with large breasts in my life. Suffice to say, I had trouble concentrating and did a lot of staring. Most of the people were very nice, but a lot of them seemed pretty dumb too. Yeah, I'm pretty much judging everyone today. But that happens a lot in this blog.
Santa Barbara- exactly fit my picture of what California is like.

Grade: B (no media)

Walnut Creek, CA

Rossmoor at Walnut Creek, a retirement community of 10,000 senior citizenz. Yeah, not the funnest day. And, we drove 300 miles to get there and drove anyother 350 afterwards to get to southern Cali. Man.
A few old people almost died walking up the steep steps to the bus. Yeah, we're not going to retirement communities anymore.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

Here's a few scenes from yesterday's events.

Super Tuesday we again spent in Bakersfield, CA or at least near it. We had an event in a small town called Lamont with the Dolores Huerta Foundation. For those of you who do not know Dolores Huerta, she founded the United Farm Workers with Caesar Chavez and been working for the rights of the disenfranchised for her entire life. It was very cool to this 78 year old woman who is part of the history of this country. It's cool to see someone who's whole life has been an effort to change the system to help those in need, and to her, a good way to do that is by voting. Caesar Chavez's brother was there and many other important Latino leaders. There was a press conference about the importance of Hispanic voting and I was very glad the PVS was there as part of it all. Our services are necessary for the often times fringe communities and populations. Oh, and I felt very ignorant not being able to speak Spanish. Everyone was super nice and helpful and appreciative.
Yeah, so it is a privilege to vote, a privilege to be a citizen of this country. Remember that.
There is my serious post for the month.
American- Fuck Yeah

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bakersfield, CA

The hijinx continues. A get to that in a bit.
First, Saturday night was fun, even with the $9 drink in San Jose. Wow. We had dinner with the family of one of our co-workers and it was great to have a nice home-cooked meal. Good stuff and a few drinks, and a hot tub. That was the kicker, a warm hot tub on a cold rainy night, very nice. Then we drove to San Jose to meet up with a friend of mine. Good times, lots of hot girls out in San Jose. I was a bit under dressed, I mean I can get down in a nice, club-type place, but only like twice a year. But it was good to see another familiar face.

Ok, back to the hijinx of today, more police involvement, more tow trucks, and this time, they even closed down a street for us. Yes, we got into a bit of a situation. We drove into a seemingly normail parking lot only the grade was to steep and we bottomed out. Pretty much the rear of the bus was embedded into the street. Yeah, so we got a semi tow truck, which broke the chain in its first attempt to, but eventually we got out and to the spot we were supposed to be parked about an hour and a half late. Nice, that's how we roll.
And we stopped at Bakersfield College and Cal State- Bakersfield today. Nothing special.
But good media coverage.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Santa Rosa, CA

It was an eventful day in Santa Rosa California, which though I never heard of it, has over 100,000 people and 450,000 in the greater metro area. California for you I guess.
We started at the high school, which was ok, we got a good number of kids on the bus, and they seemed somewhat interested. They did love the light-up pens- we gave out over 200.
Then we were supposed to go to the Junior College, but we never made it.
Why? Because we knocked over the stop light with our bus.
Yeah, it was weird. I didn't even know it happened. But it did. We had a few scrapes on the bus and a flat tire, so we had the police and city come, and then had to wait around to get the tires fixed. It sucked and was expensive, but we were back up and running pretty quickly. Another story to tell.

At night we went out with the sister of a co-worker of ours that lives in the area. We went out in cities called Cotati and Petaluma. Good stuff. Expensive, some live music, not the best, but I was reallt off my game. I need to start taking pens with my wherever I go.

Another side note... high school is a weird place. California is a weird place. Put those two together and it's pretty much another world. The kids at the presentations weren't too bad, but as we had the flat right by the school, I got to see all the kids after school. Strange stuff. I did not see a single normal kid. Apparently tight jeans are fashionable, and I'm talking Kramer from Seinfield tight, "painted on" and lots of black, lots of strange haircuts, and Chuck Taylors. And the girls, pretty weird as well. It was like the movie Pretty in Pink pretty ridiculous. It was like they all went to the thrift store and picked out five things, put them into one large pile, and picked five things to wear at random.

Yeah, high school in California is a strange place. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

P.S. Today is our second day in Santa Rosa, and it's been our worst stop ever. Raining hard, bad spot, that is why I'm writing this during the hours I'm supposed to be working.
I think "Sunny California" is a horribly inaccuarte term.

San Francisco, CA

We stopped Thursday at the University of San Francisco. We were supposed to do an interview for the wake-up news on the NBC channel, but the canceled at about 4:00 AM.
We had a pretty good spot at USF and good access to students. I wouldn't say that they were the most interested, but people that stopped by were pretty nice. One girl said "You are perfect. You made my day." I'm not sure if she was using the you singular or plural, but I'm thinking it was the former. Lots of good looking girls on campus, lots of ethnic diversity. A pretty cool place. Then it rained.

We went out in SF to meet up with a friend of mine and watch the Badger game, probably 10 Wisconsin fans at this particular bar. That's how we roll. A good game too. It was great to see my buddy who I haven't seen in over a year. The bar we were at was pretty nice, good food and beer (JJ says the best wings so far on the trip. I'll take his word for it) But EXPENSIVE. Yeah, prices are a bit higher in Cali.


Friday, February 1, 2008

San Rafael, CA

Dominican University in San Rafael, CA- good weather, beautiful campus, helpful staff, but not much student interest. I tried to bust out our PA system, but couldn't find the mic. Damn. Those kids would not have been ready for it.
No media.
I did try to eat a lemon off a lemon tree- pretty nasty, but we did steal a lemon and lime and got free lunch.

Grade: D (i liked the place, but it did not fit any criteria for a successful stop)