Sunday, April 13, 2008

Star Wars/LOTR Round II

Hoth Bracket- Will Aragorn continue to struggle? Will Wicket remain the Cinderella? Can Padme and her ripped shirt move on again? Vote and we shall see.

1.Aragorn: Pretty much the man in every way- fighting, leading, courage, ladies love him, king, friend. Wow. What more can I say?

8. Mace Windu: Samuel L. baby. A wise Jedi. Not really sure how I felt about him until he started fighting. Kicked ass in the Battle Royale in Episode II. And in Revenge of the Sith, he totally was kicking Emperor Palpatine's ass in their fight. Then Anakin came in and you know.

5. Treebeard: Don't get this tree-man-thing angry. The Ents storming of Orthanc was one of my favorite parts of all the movies. Ents are pretty tight man.

4. The Emperor: Pretty scary. Ugly, powerful, manipulative, able to shoot out lightning bolts from his hands. And all this was definitely added to by episodes 1-3. He pretty much single handedly brought down the entire Republic, using Darth Maul, Count Dooku and Anakin/Vader as pawns and don't forget Order 66. Could use some skin care products, though

14. Wicket: Yub-Yub muthafucker

11. Witch King of Angmar (aka head dark rider):Pretty raw and scary, not sure how he got his ring or how he became the lead Dark Rider, but if he had a wallet I'm sure it would have BMF on it. But he was defeated by a hobbit and a woman.

10. Queen Amadala: I'm sure how I feel about her. She's hot in the picture. She gave birth to Jedi twins. She was kind of a good queen in the first movie. She fought pretty well in the second. But overall, she was kind of a damsel in distress

2. Yoda: I didn't go with old yoda and older yoda, cuz 40 years to a 900 year old alien isn't much (900 years old you be look so good you will not, hm) and he was pretty awesome in all the movies he was in. I mean, I did not expect his crazy lightsaber skills in episode II, but his whole character in Empire Strikes back was pretty nice too.

Mordor Bracket. Let's see, pretty balanced bracket - 4 Lord of the Rings, 4 Star Wars. A few great matchups Vader/Balrog, Gollum/King Theoden. Watch out.

1.Darth Vader: Baddest of the bad, evilest of the evil. And thanks to 6 movies, you know pretty much everything about his life, so I don't have to say more.

9. Balrog: Well, this picture really doesn't do justice. Just watch this part of the movie. Definitely in my top 3 in the entire trilogy. Great scene on the bridge. Wow! Apparently Balrog is one of the oldest demons, servant of Sauron's original master. Watch out, he's got some long whips.

5. Qui-Gon Jinn: I really like Liam Neeson and Qui-Gon was a good character, a great example of what a Jedi should be. I wish he would've been around longer.

4.Frod0: The ring-bearer. A tough job. I mean, Frodo was kind of tender a lot of the time, but in the end, he got the job done. Saved Middle-Earth. Nice

3. Gollum: Gollum/Smegol/Stinker, don't trust this cat. He'll kill. He'll bite of fingers. He'll be your friend. He'll back stab, anything to get his "precious". Just a little tip, he should probably just shave his head already. The comb over just isn't working.

6. King Theoden: Has there ever been a more intense transformation in movie history? Well maybe Aladdin to Prince Ali or Robin Williams to Mrs. Doubtfire, but this was pretty intense. Just look at him in Two Towers before Gandalf frees him. Old and decrepit, pretty much lifeless. Then afterwards, the epitome of a king. His get hype speeches before the big battles were great. They made me want to throw on a helmet and grab a sword. A very underrated character.

10. Grand Moff Tarkin: One of the few Imperials to keep Vader in check. Man, he was so evil, but also so cool. He was like the Steve McQueen of evil, real old guys. He blew up a planet. And after him, the Imperial army was pretty weak. Beginning of their downfall.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi: We're going for Episode 2 and 3 Obi-Wan here. The Jedi in this prime. Pre-getting old an leaving to hide, post weird one long strand of hair. Think the only Jedi that survived Order 66. Think the fight against evil Anakin, the one where he makes him a quadriplegic. Yeah, that one.

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