Friday, April 25, 2008

Evansville, IN

Purples Aces, free hot dogs, beautiful weather, high amounts of attractive females, nice people, free cookies, free grape soda, great location, 3 TV stations, 2 radio stations - all and all, the best stop of this leg.
Yeah, the University of Evansville was a good time. Apparently Evansville, in Southern Indiana is pretty country, out in the Boonies, I saw a bit of that in gas stations, and a few people had southern accents, but it wasn't bad at all.
Funny story: I was talking to this beautiful girl who came up to the bus, grad student, she liked PVS, I liked her. But I really lost the plot and blew it. Nervous, sweating, stuttering- man. I got her to sign up and come on the bus and see the video, but really not no tact whatsoever. No game to speak of. And when closing I say "Vote Smart baby!" Wow, I am awesome.
A good way to end. Yes, we are already done with this leg. Only three weeks. Not as many good stories as last time. Sorry. Often times I felt like Robin and JJ was Batman. I just kind of stood around waiting to help. He did all the interviews, and a a lot of time we hung out with his friends.
Yes, definitely Robin. But Robin was cool right? Ok, no he wasn't. But he did become Nightwing.
Oh yeah.

But today was fun. Evansville really loved us. It was a cool little school. I've decided I want to work in University relations or events. I mean, what a great job, setting up events at a university. Today, this lady met us at the bus, cooked hot dogs, gave blood, and went to some concrete canoe engineering race thing. Yeah. Good job.

The bad news is, I don't know when I'll or if I'll be back on the bus. The bus is taking a break, possible for a few months to reorganize and reevaluate. And the big boss doesn't like me. At best, I'll be back on the bus in early July, at worst- never. It's been fun, this leg not as much due to my sickness. Also, we knew lots of people along the way, and sometimes it is fun to just go to a random bar in a random city. We didn't do that this time.
We still taking over, one city at a time!

Grade: A

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