Sunday, April 13, 2008

Philadelphia/St. Joe's

Lots going on. Many things to report.

I’ll start with the stop. It was pretty unexciting. No media, so interested students. We were at St. Joe’s by the way. People were much nicer than at Villanova. We had a good amount get on the bus too. “The Hawk will never die”

Grade: C-

Now on to the fun stuff. Good to see the Fonz come out to the bus, an old PVS staff member. He didn’t quite make it too long in Montana. There are a good amount of PVS people from the Philly area. One of them, Grubbyg, was in town for school stuff and organized a trip to the Phillies game. I was excited- pretty new stadium, playing the Cubs, good food, good atmosphere, Philly Fanatic- but I was largely disappointed. Phillies fans were pretty weak, nothing like Eagles fans. It was a good game, but no real atmosphere. Boring even. We were in the outfield (no bleachers), pretty good seats. And the food sucked. Good people though, Matt had some good friends. I might question his driving a bit, but he keeps good company. Who really wants to go to Cherry Hill, though?

Fantasy update: Just a couple notes on the Phillies. Shane Victorino looked pretty good, as did Pat Burrell, but I think that was just a one off. Brett Myers got the win, and looked decent, but gave up three solo home runs. That’s cause for concern fantasy owners. Zambrano looked off his game, nothing like opening day, hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. There were a good amount of cute Phillies fans, but overall I’d take Miller Park any day of the week!

Post game: We went out to a bar in Northern Liberties, a part of Philly close to where I previously lived. One of my old co-workers just happened to be playing a show with his band – House of Fire. Check it out if interested. It was good stuff. 7 person band. Live music is something I don’t see much, but always enjoy when I do, especially when you know someone playing. It was a nice Covenant House get together too, seeing more old friends, more people I haven’t seen in over a year. Oh yeah, and the Yuengling was flowing pretty nicely. Can’t hate on that. After bar we hit up Pat’s one of the most famous Cheesesteak spots in Philly. There are the one that are not racist, no signs saying you must order in English It was pretty much great at 3AM. Whiz with baby! I found a few pieces in my teeth the next morning, still tasted great. But kind of gross I guess.

Yeah, so my return to Philly was pretty nice. It was great to see my old boys Nick, Andy, and Dave. I tried to visit my old program, but nobody was there. That’s the way it goes I guess. Good times overall baby, even though JJ totally abhors Philly. Can’t win ‘em all.

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