Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in DC. Good times. Saturday we got together with a bunch of old Vote Smart people, all JJ's friends, he's a bit of an old head at PVS. PVS does roll thick, though. I hope to have some good friends to look back on my Montana days with in a few years. There was a BBQ, some drinking games, and then we hit up a few bars. Nothing too crazy. Sunday we met another old PVSer and then I went with one of JJ's friends on a bit of a tour of DC (JJ napped, too much fun the night before?)- saw the National Gallery (see one of my favorite paintings below) the Air and Space Museum, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. It was a good workout. Thanks for the tour Rachel.

Monday we were at Howard University. I contacted George Washington, Georgetown, Howard, and American, but Howard was the only one that contacted me back. I was glad to be there. It was a cool place. The people were real nice and interested. This was the first school I was at where students asked how they could donate money to PVS. That was cool. The one reporter who came out from the NPR radio station was a bit uppity, a bit too excited, but she calmed down after a while and did a good report.
A few observations: Lots of very well dressed men. I need to take some notes. Lots of 'locks. Lots of beautiful girls, hot in a much different way than Villanova or St. Joe's. Lots of black people. Kidding, I obviously knew that setting up the stop. Maybe it's due to my background working in the inner city and working at a homeless shelter for 18-21 year olds, but it was cool and surprising to see African-Americans of this age well dressed and mannered, the guys not looking thug and the girls not being pregnant. I know this is not rare, but it is for me. Hopefully this, and not my experience is representative of the direction of our country. Yeah, so Howard was cool.

In the evening, I saw my good buddy Tex. Haven't seen him in almost two years. Pretty crazy. Great to see him, great to catch up, but mostly we just reminisced over past times, all our college hijinx. Great Stuff

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