Monday, March 29, 2010

Comic Book Bracket - Metropolis Region

Metropolis Region

This region does not look quite as daunting as the last two, but certainly promises some great battles. I'm looking forward to second round match-ups Thing/Rouge and Blackbolt/Captain Marvel. Woo!

Round 1

1. Thor vs. 16. Deadpool

Deadpool is a likable character and may be under-seeded, but Thor will blow him out of the water.

Winner: Thor

8. Colossus vs. 9. Nightwing

Another interesting 8/9 match-up here, one that could go either way, and again, a nice DC/Marvel Battle. We have already seen in this tournament that power isn't everything, and I question whether Colossus would be willing to deliver the killing blow. Dick Grayson is one of the best characters in comics, at the very least, one of the most underrated. He learned from Batman, so there is no way he is going down in the first round, c'mon people.

Winner: Nightwing

5. Blackbolt vs. 12. Hawkman

The 5/12 upset? Nope. We already had that one. Blackbolt is only a 5 seed because he lives on the moon. Media has a huge earth bias, never stays up to watch battles on the moon.

Winner: Blackbolt

4. Captain Marvel vs. 13 Black Panther

Captain Marvel may not be too well known, but he is a powerful cat, think of him as maybe a Keith Van Horn led Utah. The wisdom of Solomon; the strength of Hercules; the stamina of Atlas; the power of Zeus; the courage of Achilles; and the speed of Mercury. The Black Panther is the first black superhero, so you know he has come out on top against some incredible odds. I'm pretty sure Captain Marvel has beaten Superman in the past, so…

Winner: Captain Whitebread

3. Thing vs. 14. Cable

An interesting match here. We know the Thing will win, but Cable will inflict some pain before all is said and done. Lots of guns. Lots of punches.

Winner: Thing

6. Rogue vs. 11. Nightcrawler

I like the X-man vs. X-man battles. Some feel Rogue is a sleeper at 6, but she has never really showed anything else but brute power. Her skill set – super strength, flight, and power draining – is impressive, but does she have the brains to excel in this tournament? Not sure. I do like Nightcrawler, but I much more like the prospect of Rogue absorbing his powers, turning blue and some crazy flying, teleporting, punching action.

Winner: Rogue

7. Storm vs. 10. Namor the Sub- Mariner

We have another king of the sea here against the weather controlling X-Man. I'm sure people have put Aquaman up against Namor before, but this may be a first time match up. Lots of variables. How does Lightning effect water? Will it hurt Namor? Will his control of water and the seas overpower Storm's? This is definitely a match-up I would like to see. In the end, Storm will come out on top because of her Mohawk and Namor's weird ankle wings.

Winner: Storm

2. Green Lantern vs. 15. Hawkeye

I don't know the full extent of Green Lantern's powers, but I know they are a bit stronger than Hawkeye's arrows.

Winner: Green Lantern

Round 2

1. Thor vs. 9. Nightwing

Well, this matchup could be a good rehearsal for Thor is indeed he makes it all the way to the final against Batman. Nightwing is a Batman Jr, but a little more in touch with humanity and normality. He will frustrate Thor for a good chunk of time. Thor will have to bust out Mjöllnir to settle things down. And yes, this is the first time (maybe surprisingly) that I have mention Mjöllnir in this blog. Grayson's savvy and tricks and traps will only work for so long.

Winner: Thor

4. Captain Marvel vs. 5. Blackbolt

Damn, this is hot second round matchup. Two participants that might not get enough love. This match actually starts with Shazam played by Shaq, or is that Kazam? Either Way Shaq is present and Blackbolt is confused. The battlebegins by Captain Marvel asking Blackbolt for the time. After asking a few times without answer, Marvel gets infuriated. Shazam, a punch-fest begins. These two are really going at it- on the ground, in the air, in the water. Shazam gets the upper hand, and Blackbolt finally says in his mountain shattering voice, "Time for you to die". The resulting force knocks both fighters out. Think WWF match when both wrestlers are unconscious and you are waiting for the first one to come to. This one will last as while. Blackbolt is the first to arwise, being a bit more acclimated to his voice. He is about to pin Marvel when Shaq comes in with a steel chair! Knocking out Blackbolt. The king of the Inhumans is laid out. Marvel places an arm on him. 1-2-3!

Winner: Captain Marvel

3. Thing vs. 6 Rogue

A slugfest indeed. But do to the grotesque nature of the Thing and his thick hide, Rogue will not absorb his powers. So it will just be a fist fight. Rogue will often times seem to have the upper hand, but the Thing will not go down. His resolve will win the day.

Winner: Thing

2. Green Lantern vs. 7. Storm

Storm has no yellow on her costume.

Winner: Green Lantern

Sweet Sixteen

1. Thor

Affiliation: Avengers, Norse gods

Big Wins: many times versus Loki, Ultron, Kang, Bet-Ray Bill

Bad Losses: Ragnarok

Claim to fame: Golden locks, impressive hammer, Olde English speech patterns

NCAA Equivalent: 2004 Duke


2. Captain Marvel

Affiliation: Justice League, Justice Society

Big Wins: Superman in Kingdom Come

Bad Losses: Coolness over the years, many comic series

Claim to Fame: Shazam! Captain Whitebread

Battle: There is lots of fire power for these two, but Thor will have much more. Marvel is still beat up from Blackbolt, whereas Thor didn't expend too much energy in his first two matches. The crowd is pulling for the underdog Marvel, but he can't conjure up his future elseworlds Kingdom Come self.

Winner: Thor

3. Thing

Affiliation: Fantastic Four

Big Wins: Dr. Doom, Hulk, Galactus

Bad Losses: Human appearance, true love to the Human Torch then to the Silver Surfer, title of The Strongest Man in the Marvel Universe to the Hulk.

Claim to Fame: "The everloving blue-eyed Thing, idol of millions, 'nuff said"

NCAA Equivalent: 2002 Maryland


2. Green Lantern

Affiliation: Justice League, Justice Society

Big Wins: Zero Hero?

Bad Losses: Zero Hour? Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner's haircut

Claim to fame: Power Ring

NCAA Equivalent: 2006 UCLA

Battle: The Green Lantern has never really lived up to his potential, even when Hal Jordan was the Spectre. His powers are inconsistent. The Thing is much smarter and crafty than he leads on. He will wear yellow and not allow himself to lose.

Winner: Thing

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Savage Land Region

Another top Stacked region here in the Savage Land. Again, some mighty powerful characters among the top 5 seeds. CBS analysts are all up in arms about the low seeds given to Professor X, Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, and Cyclops. Lots of interesting matchups, especially if seeds hold to form.

Round One

1. Wolverine vs. 16 Medusa
Medusa won the "Ginger low quality female superhero" play-in game against Black Widow. It was a great cat fight – lots of hair pulling (shocker), slapping, cheap shots, and everyone was watching for a chance that they might somehow…kiss.
Medusa is pretty worn down after the Ginger play in game, and is no real match for Wolverine. He is brutal and by no means chivalric.
Winner: Wolverine

8. Ozymandias vs. 9. Mr. Fantastic
We got a big one right here. Gotta love the 8/9 matchup. This winner will definitely challenge Wolverine. Ozymandias took down the Watchmen for the sake of the betterment of the world, though his means can be questioned. Reed Richards has defeated Dr. Doom and other villains countless times. Veidt can get close to matching Reed's intellect, and it seems this is not the best arena for Mr. Fantastic. This is one on one combat. His leadership skills will not help here and often times with the FF he lets his team do the fighting while he goes off and creates some invention to save the day.
Here, Ozymandias will fight dirty and come away with the win.
Winner: Ozymandias

5. Dr. Doom vs. 12. Batgirl
Well, the Joker already did the dirty work on Batgirl, but let's pretend she can use her legs again. What's the first thing Dr. Doom will do? Paralyze her. Yep, he'll destroy you physically and emotionally, just take away all your will power.
Winner: Doom

4. Professor X vs. 13. Cyclops
Interesting one here, kind of like Favre vs Rodgers, but not really because Favre is not a teacher and does not care about anyone but himself. So, ok, maybe it's not like that at all. Professor X could win this one in his sleep, but he is more interested in his dream and vision. Beating Cyclops would tear down any progress Xavier has made. The lame pattern continues, Professor X lets Cyclops slay him. Boo.
Winner: Cyclops

3. Thanos vs. 14. Iceman
A sleeping giant here at the 3 seed. Watch out everyone.
Winner: Thanos

6. Joker vs. 11 Punisher
Interesting battle here, not sure which way it will go. Both are unrelenting, but the Joker will go just a bit further and win this match.
Winner: Joker

7. Flash vs. 10 Scarlet Witch
Old-school speedster versus the underutilized Avenger, this one is hard to call, a great 7/10 battle. So the Flash is fast, anything else going for him? I believe the Scarlet Witch once created a new universe or reality with her chaos magic, so she really has some powers. But they won't help in a one-on-one battle against someone she cannot catch or even see. Flash uses his experience to wear down the witch.
Winner: Flash

2. Hulk vs. 15 Robin
This is the most lopsided battle of the entire tournament. Hulk wins 121-24 in a match lasting 2 minutes 44 seconds.
Winner: Hulk

Round 2

1. Wolverine vs. 8. Ozymandias
Ozymandias took down Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite-Owl, and the Comedian in Watchmen, but he has never fought anyone quite like Wolverine. He's like a Rorschach/Comedian with mutant healing powers and unbreakable metal claws. This will be a long one, but Wolverine's tenacity and healing power see him through. Crowds rejoice when Veidt takes two claws to the gut.
Winner: Wolverine

13. Cyclops vs. 5. Dr. Doom
Let's see, Dr. Doom has large amounts of fighting experience, alchemy and sorcery knowledge , technology, intellect, a vast array of resources, including a robot army and Cyclops has optic beams and a bad hair-cut. A walk in the park for Doom. One of his Doom-bots destroys Cyclops.
Winner: Dr. Doom

3. Thanos vs. 6. Joker
We've got another super villain battle here, but let's be serious, even though the Joker is great character, he battles mostly human foes, while Thanos goes against the Silver Surfer, the Elders of the Universe, and pretty much the entire Marvel Universe. He even destroyed half the universe to impress death.
Winner: Thanos

2. Hulk vs. 7. Flash
This is a great DC/Marvel battle, two of each universe's low-tiered top level guys if that makes sense. Both have been around for a long time and are integral parts of their universes. Hulk has the power to win the entire tournament, but Flash will provide problems with his speed. Hulk will not get to use his power and will get more and more frustrated (think Hulk of old). Hulk Smash! Hulk Smash! But he still cannot connect with Flash. In a surprise move, Flash uses the shrink ray from the Atom and shrinks down to a small enough size that he speeds in through the Hulk's nostrils and straight to his brain, downing the Hulk before he knows what hit him.
Winner: Flash

Sweet Sixteen

1. Wolverine
Affiliation: X-Men, formerly Alpha Flight
Big Wins: Took down the Hellfire Club single handedly
Bad Losses: Jean Grey to Cyclops (ouch), bones to Magneto, memories due to Weapon X experiments
Claim to Fame: Most popular X-Man, fierce, resilient, short, scruffy
NCAA Equivalent: 2009 Pittsburgh


5. Dr. Doom
Affiliation: None
Big Wins: Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four a few times, regained power in his country
Bad Losses: normal looking face, mother, Fantastic Four many times
Claim to Fame: Monarch of small Balkan nation of Latveria, gypsy
NCAA Equivalent: 2006 Florida

Battle: Well stage this one in a forest just to make it more interesting. This could be the best match of the tournament, no lie. Dr. Doom will start off by bombarding Wolverine with scores of robot Dooms, which Wolverine will promptly slice to bits. Wolverine will easily be able to ascertain which Doom is the real Doom amongst the robots and will pounce. But Doom has many defenses. Extreme battle ensues. Wolverine takes many energy blasts. He thinks he has the upper hand when his claws shred Doom's face, but Doom does not worry about his face. He unleashes a flurry of weapons and spells and sends Wolverine down. Doom is too smart to relish his moves and quickly kills the little Canadian. Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Winner: Doom

3. Thanos
Affiliation: Titans, Infinity Watch
Big Wins: Cosmic Cube, Infinity Gauntlet
Bad Losses: Cosmic Cube, Infinity Gauntlet, Mistress Death
Claim to Fame: Eternal from the moon of Titan bent on Universe conquest, strange fascination for the personification of Death
NCAA Equivalent: 2003 Syracuse


7. Flash
Affiliation: Justice Society, Justice League
Big Wins: Saved multiple universes in Crisis, race against Superman (World’s Finest #198–199)
Big losses: life
Claim to fame: Fastest Man on Earth
NCAA equivalent: 2004 UAB

Battle: This one starts very similar to Flash/Hulk battle, but Thanos is not as quick to get frustrated. He is crafty and smart and eventually catches flashes and bakes him with cosmic blasts. Ouch.
Winner: Thanos

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Book Character Bracket - Gotham Region

Gotham City Region

Here we got Batman as the top seed in his own back yard. Look for him to go pretty far. Looking at the bracket this region is pretty top heavy with any of the top 6 seeds capable of making the final four. I don't see too many upsets. Intriguing matchups: Captain America/Lex Luthor, Rorschach/Daredevil plus potential 2nd round matchups Magneto/Spectre and Dr. Manhattan/Wonder Woman

Round 1

1. Batman vs. 16. Nite-Owl

A somewhat intriguing match here, but Batman is at home, Batman is much fiercer, and Nite-Owl has never been high on confidence. Ok, so really this is an easy one. Batman was even tempted to let Robin fight for him.

8. Daredevil vs. 9. Rorschach

This is a fun one. I don't think I'm even close to creative enough to tell you how this one will play out. Lots of fighting dirty. And don't think it's just from Rorschach. Daredevil can throw down too. But, Rorschach is brutal to the core, never relenting, never giving in.

Winner: Rorschach

5. Wonder Woman vs. 12 Beast

The Amazonian against the X-Man. Very interesting matchup here. 9 times out of 10 Wonder Woman would dominate the Beast, but we need a 12/5 upset so this is that 1 time out of 10.

Winner: Beast

4. Dr. Manhattan vs. 13. Spawn

Spawn is the only non-Marvel/DC character that made the tourney. Maybe Witchblade, Miracleman, and Magnus, Robot Fighter made the NIT comic tournament and will face off against characters like Banshee and Falcon, and, I think Spawn will be wishing he was in the NIT as well. God exists and he's American. Yes, Spawn has no chance.

Winner: Dr. Manhattan

3. Magneto vs. 14 Green Goblin

A battle of two Marvel Super-Villains, well maybe it is a stretch to call The Green Goblin a Super-Villain. His only chance is to catch Magneto by surprise and use his arrogance against him, but I'm sure most of the Green Goblin has metal on him, so see you later GG.

Winner: Magneto

6. Spectre vs. 11. Ghostrider

A large touch of death in this matchup. Heaven vs. Hell? I don't totally know the origin of either of these characters, but I know that dying, death, heaven, and hell play a large part. The Spectre is just of a higher class than Ghostrider

Winner: Spectre

7. Captain America vs. 10. Lex Luthor

Ooh, a great contrast in styles here. Captain America may be lucky to draw one of the other participants of the tournament without super powers, but Luthor has many items in his arsenal. He's beaten Superman many times. But, Cap has that manifest destiny, never-say-die attitude. He simply will not let evil prevail.

Winner: Captain America

2. Silver Surfer vs. 15. Venom

Winner: Silver Surfer

Round 2

1. Batman vs. 9. Rorschach

Throw out the rules of engagement here. This is the epitome of a no-holds-barred matchup. We've got two humans here going head to head. No super powers. A few simple gadgets, but a lot of this battle is as much mental as physical. That is why the edge goes to Batman. For one, he is much saner than Rorschach, and second, he will immediately exploit every weakness he sees. He won't walk away unscathed though

Winner: Batman

4. Dr. Manhattan vs. 12. Beast

A few blue characters here. Beast is smart and strong, but possesses nowhere near the power that Dr. Manhattan does. The upset run ends at one for Hank McCoy.

Winner: Dr. Manhattan

3. Magneto vs. 6. Spectre

Hot matchup here. Does Magneto have any way of getting to the Spectre? I really don't see one. However, Magneto is a wily veteran and will do anything to win and has the fundamentals (think Bo Ryan Basketball). This is definitely one of the best matchups of the tournament thus far. There are many ways it could go, but the Spectre will pull it off in double overtime. He has much more experience with death than Magneto.

Winner: Spectre

2. Silver Surfer vs. 7. Captain America

Wow, great match here. Surfer is obviously much, much more powerful than Cap, but Cap is so resilient. He is the American Spirit. And we know that is tough to beat. But it is the Silver Surfer, holder of the Cosmic Power. Cap can only take so much and his shield will do nothing to the Surfer.

Winner: Silver Surfer

Sweet Sixteen

1. Batman

Affiliation: Justice League

Big Wins: defeated Superman, defeating the entire JLA, #1 player in top conference (best bad guys)

Bad Losses: parents, Batgirls ability to move legs, Robin II, that girl in the Dark Knight

Claim to Fame: Gotham city is pretty shitty. There is really no other way to put it, but Batman constantly defeats a huge group of villains. He also paved the way for Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and a bunch of others.

NCAA equivalent: 2005 Illinois


4. Dr. Manhattan

Affiliation: The Watchmen

Big Wins: Russians

Bad Losses: Janie Slater, Wally, Silk Spectre II, they blamed him for all the trouble at the end of the movie

Claim to fame: Blue, almost all-powerful, blue schlong

NCAA equivalent: Any of those good Cincinnati teams

Battle: I see Batman as a rich man's Adrian Viedt. He just finds your weakness and goes for it. He has the technology, the intelligence, and fighting ability to defeat anyone. Plus Dr. Manhattan is depressed. He gave a lot of people cancer and is sad he killed the fine scientific mind of Hank McCoy. Batman actually doesn't have to do too. Much like Phoenix, Dr. Manhattan decides to send himself into oblivion.

Winner: Batman

6. Spectre

Affiliation: sometimes JSA

Big Wins: Crisis on an Infinite Earths, Zero Hour

Bad losses: Avenging the unjust dead usually means he arrived too late

Claim to fame: Guardian angel, avenger of the dead, charged with riding the earth of all evil

NCAA equivalent: Any of those good Stanford Teams


2. Silver Surfer

Affiliation: worked with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, Defenders

Big Wins: Freedom!, saved earth from Galactus multiple times

Bad Losses: his planet, his love Shalla-Bal, all this friends, he's responsible for the death of billions of lives.

Claim to Fame: Silver undergarments, cosmic power

NCAA equivalent: 1983 Houston

Battle: This one could range from an all out never before seen battle to the two of them discussing all their guilt issues. I definitely picture the Spectre as death from the Seventh Seal. Maybe they'll decide to end it with a chess match. I doubt it. Either Way, Spectre is underused, under exposed, under explored. Lots of potential, but I'm not sure if anyone will ever find it. Cosmic power trumps avenging angel.

Winner: Silver Surfer

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comic Book Character Bracket - Negative Zone Region

Negative Zone Bracket

In the Negative Zone we see the number one overall seed Superman with the weakest #2 seed in Spider-Man and the best #3 seed Phoenix , the X-Men conference tournament winner. Not the toughest bracket with the best first round matchup being Dr. Strange/Aquaman and some real mouth watering Sweet 16 matchups.
Well, let's get to it. The 2010 Comic Book Character Tournament is now underway!

Round One.

1. Superman vs. 16. Kitty Pryde
Supes shows his intentions right away by entering the arena as Clark Kent. Kitty's phasing powers are annoying at first and may hold up for a while, but eventually she loses focus and the Man of Steel shows he is not afraid to punch a girl.
Winner: Superman (duh)

8. Dr. Strange vs. 9. Aquaman
We got vastly different fighting styles and abilities here. Dr. Strange comes out early with a wide variety of spells and hexes. Aquaman tries to press the issue with some hand to hand combat, but cannot get close enough. The big game changer occurs when Dr. Strange uses a water spell. This revives Aquaman, allowing him to catch Strange, leap into a nearby lake and impale Dr. Strange with his harpoon hand.
Winner: Aquaman

5. Invisible Woman vs. 12. Vision
A classic 5/12 matchup. This might be the worst possible first round pairing for Sue Richards. Her invisible force fields will do nothing to the intangible Avenger. Vision can easily penetrate any blocks the Invisible Woman puts forth. Vision begins to get a few hits in on the frustrated distaff member of the Fantastic Four. This year's 12/5 upset? Nope. Mrs. Richards has spent enough time around her husband to know a thing or two about robotics. She finds the precise time to attack the Vision on the nano-robotic level, frying his circuitry.
Winner: Invisible Woman

4. Iron Man vs. 13. Mystique
Unbeknownst to Iron Man, Mystique has been preparing for weeks for this matchup. She has created an attractive woman guise and has been following Tony Stark for months. He finally gets up the courage to ask the disguised Mystique out on a date, but she gives him a fake number, sending Iron Man into a spiraling fall into depression and alcoholism. A few weeks into his bender, Mystique approaches Tony Stark in her second shape shifting persona – the overweight Midwestern girl. Iron Man thinks his luck has finally changed and takes her back to his place only to discover who the Midwestern girl really is in a moment of vulnerability. Watch out for those chubby girls.
Winner: Mystique

3. Phoenix vs. 14 Luke Cage
I guess I could come up with some elaborate story about the Ginger and the black guy, but no need. Phoenix destroys Luke Cage.
Winner: Phoenix

6. Martian Manhunter vs. 11. Green Arrow
Manhunter is one of the vastly underrated comic book characters and Green Arrow is really only a good archer. Seems like a mismatch, but this is America, not Mars. Green Arrow gets the crowd behind him and gets the only arrow to the jugular that he needs upsetting his Justice League teammate.
Winner: Green Arrow

7. Superboy vs. 10. Human Torch
It is possible that Superboy is less likable than Duke. The Human Torch is the weakest member of the FF. Who wins this round? I'll go with fire.
Winner Human Torch

2. Spider-Man vs. 15 Sabretooth
A tough first round draw here for Spidey, but he has faced worse. Peter Parkers speed, fortitude, and one-liners annoy Sabretooth to no end, making him erratic and allowing Spider-Man some easy, open shots.
Winner: Spider-Man

Round 2

1. Superman vs. Aquaman
Battle of JLA teammates. Man of Steel versus King of the Sea. Superman decides to be nice and fights in Aquaman's home waters. This makes things a bit more interesting, but really, Aquaman has no chance against the Last Son of Kryton
Winner: Superman

5. Invisible Woman vs. 13 Mystique
Mystique's powers of seduction do nothing here she has little to no time to prepare after her elaborate plans against Iron Man. Sue Richards has a long history of defeating villains, and this is no different.
Winner: The Invisible Woman

3. Phoenix vs. 11 Green Arrow
Oliver Queen causes enough problems to bring out Dark Phoenix, and then things get ugly. Passersby were amazed at the unusually large amounts of blood.
Winner: Phoenx

2. Spider-Man vs. 10 Human Torch
A battle amongst friends. I really can't think of any b-ball equivalent to this. Torch and Spidey have fought many times, but very rarely have the actually fought, fought. Kind of like when dogs play fight. In this one, the Torch is the first to lose his cool and spends some hot fire at Spidey, burning his arm. This allows Spidey to see this game is for keeps and take the Torch to the cleaners, eventually trapping him in a watery, webby mess.
Winner: Spider-Man

Sweet Sixteen
Some amazing matchups here. This is really why the tournament was derived.

1. Superman
Affiliation: Justice League of America
Big Wins: Pretty much everything
Bad Losses: Pa Kent, his entire planet, died fighting Doomsday in a now worthless comic book.
Claim to Fame: Lost Son of Krypton, Faster than a speeding bullet, All-American kind of guy
NCAA equivalent: 1997 Kansas
5. Invisible Woman
Affiliation: Fantastic Four
Big Wins: defeating Galactus several times, defeating Dr. Doom several times, saving the earth countless times, changing from Invisible Girl to Invisible Woman
Bad Losses: 2nd child, mid 80s mullet, husband who works too much
Claim to fame: First woman in space (?), brought along her teenage brother, sends her son away for months at a time to protect him from countless super-villain attacks.
NCAA equivalent: 2003 Marquette
Battle: Superman is over confident and a bit too nice heading into this one. And just last night, the Invisible Woman absorbed her alter ego Malice into her body. This one starts out pretty bloody. Superman realizes he picks the wrong day to take it easy. He finally regains the upper hand, but then Sue Richards gets her ace in the hole from her husband's lab, and uses it to create invisible force daggers laced with kryptonite. Uh-oh. She is so focused and brutal with Malice in her that she sends the kryptonite laced force needles directly into Superman's blood stream, sending the kryptonite directly to his heart. Ouch.
Winner: The Invisible Woman

3. Phoenix
Affiliation: X-Men
Big Wins: helped the Shi'ar, defeated all the X-Men and Shi'ar
Bad losses: suicide
Claim to Fame: Killed herself to save the universe, might be a cosmic entity
NCAA equivalent: 1996 UCONN
2. Spider-Man
Affiliation: free lance
Big Wins: green goblin, alien costume, juggernaut
Bad Losses: dork, Gwen Stacy, broke, teamless
Claim to Fame: possibly the most liked Super Hero, dork that dates extremely hot women, "Spider-Sense"
NCAA equivalent: 2004 St. Joe's

Battle: A big mismatch here, but Spider-Man has heart. He's been known to fall for the redheads. Phoenix is almost a cosmic entity, but there is still some Jean Grey in her. She is so moved by Peter Parkers fortitude and never say die attitude despite facing impossible odds and she again kills herself.
Winner: Spider-Man

There you go. Another bracket revealed tomorrow.