Friday, August 22, 2008

Yuma, AZ

So, the election season hasn't really heated up (it should next week with the conventions starting), but the weather is. 108 degrees in Yuma, AZ and 110 in Phoenix, still 103 at 9PM. Really, that is just too hot. Why do people live here? How much money is spent to cool buildings and make grass green? Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.
But, Yuma is the type of city that PVS will get a lot of play in. We did a live morning show. They went live to us 4 times between 6:30 and 7:00. It was fun stuff. The reporter was quite cute, but has nothing on my girlfriend and is working in Yuma, so can't be too successful. I did two other interviews. Both were real quick. The morning people and the other two stations both said that I was a good interview, that I got out good sound bites and answered the questions well without them having to set it up. That was cool to hear. What can I say? I'm a professional.
Seriously, though, I'd take the cold over the excessive hot anytime.

Grade:B (not enough people in Yuma to go any higher)

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