Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Improvements

I need some feedback. I am attempting to improve the settings of this blog - appearance, url, etc.
I'm thinking first about changing the url, basically getting rid of the blogspot portion. This will only cost $10 so I don't mind. Unfortunately, is already taken. I could go with or Do you think either of these would be better than the blogspot one?
Second, I think I need some sort of logo. Anyone have any idea how to do that? Also, I might put some ads up and other search feature on the right side. Basically, I'm trying to take this blog out of the minor leagues. I feel the content is strong and we need more readers.

1 comment:

Edale said...

I think the logo should be a large picture of my face. After all, I did get you started in blogging during my Critical Internet Studies class at UW.