Tuesday, August 19, 2008

San Jose, CA

It's been a few busy days for us. Well, mostly for Jon the driver.
We had to drive 11 hours from Albany, OR to Sacramento. Then Sunday we started at 8:00am there and worked until noon. Then we had to drive a little under 3 hours to San Jose to work 3:00-5:00pm. Then after that we had to drive to LA, which should have been about a 7 hour drive, but turned into and 11:00 drive because I-5 was completely shut down for a short stretch. Yes, the entire interstate was closed. We didn't arrive until 5:00am and had to get the bus to the shop to get serviced at 8:00am. Man, life on the road. Don't feel bad for me, though. Feel bad for Jon the driver.
Ok, Sacramento was weak. We were at a flea market. About half the people there did not speak English.
San Jose was pretty good. We got the the newspaper out and 3 TV stations. About time. One of them was Univision and none of us could speak Spanish. The reporter could, but he wanted a Spanish sound bite and waited around over an hour to get one. I hope that worked out for him.
But, yeah, it was finally a busy media day for me. Good stuff. And, a former intern friend of ours came out. The bus tour is great for seeing people you normally wouldn't see. Pretty cool.

Grade: A- (Only two hours and lots of good media. That is the favorite type of stop for me.

Interesting picture. I look real confused. "Huh? Whaaa?" And like the other picture a few posts ago, I look super short. I mean, I'm short, but not a hobbit. It looks like this guy and the previous guy would have to throw me on his back to travel through caves and mountain passes and things. Not the best angle for me I guess.

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