Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics - Part II

Well, another downer in my Olympic coverage. Last time it was no cable TV. This time it is the fact that I am on the west coast. So I believe Eastern and Central time get primetime Olympic coverage live (morning in China). But it is delayed 3 hours on the West Coast, so it says live, but is actually not. So anytime I go online or see ESPN at a restaurant, I already see the results. So, that awesome men's 100m relay, I already knew the result.
Good news, I won my bet. Romanian's women's team handball team won $1 for me.
In the next round of bets - Men's Water Polo. I had US over Italy, which won me a Choco Taco and Montenegro over Canada, who is currently leading 12-0, so it looks like another $1 for me. Yes!

The other cool story I saw was Togo winning their first ever Olympic medal, a bronze in whitewater kayaking. Pretty cool. The guy was born in France, and something makes me think that this isn't going to bring a slew of kids in Togo to the sport. I could just see the movie of the week, a young boy rises from the slums of Lome (Togo's capital) to the elite world of kayaking, while an entire nation cheers him on. Ok, maybe not. But, still very cool for Togo.

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