Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eugene, OR

This is a Big Dunc Bus Tour Special Report. You get a little review of Eugene, Oregon even though we did not have a stop there.
We went there to visit a former co-worker of ours, Party Marty. The name says all you need to know. We went there Thursday night after Portland and we had Friday off. So, Party Marty showed us a good time.
I thought Eugene was a pretty good time. Lots of people were out for a Thursday night when school was out of session. Lots of dudes. Lots of designer T-shirts. Not many good-looking girls. But the drinks were flowing and the people were nice.
Friday we slept late, were lazy, got to chill in a house as opposed to on a bus, went swimming and got a nice home-cooked meal. No complaints, all and all a nice day off.
I definitely would give Eugene a higher grade than anywhere we've gone so far. If only we actually took the bus there.

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