Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics - Part I

Well, the Olympics have begun. Most of what I saw of the Opening Ceremonies was at a bar with the sound off, but it looked cool. I enjoy all the outfits and love the countries with only one or two athletes. It was cool to see everyone so excited and the little boy with Yao Ming was nice.

Now on to the sports.
Let's see, yesterday morning saw some women's team handball. France vs. Angola. Big Rivalry.
Also saw women's Volleyball US/Japan and mens v-ball US/Venezuela. Yes, all classic match-ups.
Today was Redeem Team against China. It was entertaining. Lots of dunks. Really, I think the work has already been done. Just practicing and taking it seriously should be enough. All the players wanna play and win the gold. I don't see that not happening.
Also saw beach volleyball in the pouring rain, cycling in the rain and some swimming. Good day.

Unfortunately, I am on the bus right now and can only watch what is on NBC. Boo-urns. The plethora of Olympic coverage on MSNBC, Bravo, and all the rest is not available for me. Dang. So sorry, you won't get updates on random sports.
I did make my first random Olympic bet, though. I have a bet on Women's Team Handball China vs Romania. I took Romania and am not to confident with my pick.
C'mon Romania!

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