Monday, August 25, 2008

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix was a lot like how the bus tour was a few months ago. Mostly, because we didn't have to drive super far and had time to go out in Phoenix. We parked in a nice downtown spot for our stop the next morning. Oh, and damn, it was hot! Over 100. We went to a sports bar/restaurant. It was pretty slow for downtown and mostly had older people. Drinks were cheap, and the bar tender was friendly. So it was ok. My busmate Jon said one profound thing about babies, something to this effect "The thing I don't like about kids is, you can change them, feed them, let them sleep - give them everything they want and need and they still f-ing cry" Yeah, thought I'd share that profound statement with. He also had another gem about Arizona and the climate and vegetation and people living there, but it had a few too many f-bombs to put on here.
The stop in Phoenix blew. It was one of my more boring days. I cleaned the bus in fact. We were parked outside the American Legion National Convention, but talked to few people. I even had to bus out the soccer ball I was so bored. And it was still real hot.
Grade: D (one radio station came)

P.S. That night sleeping on the bus was ridiculous. A few beers in your system and then 90+ degrees on the bus makes for incredible night sweats. It looked like I spilled an entire bottle of water on my bed. Pretty gross.

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