Friday, August 22, 2008

Most Obscure African Countries

Alright, here's a post for those of you that are not too into the bus tour blogs. I understand, sometimes they aren't too exciting. So, I decided to pull out another Family Feud category.
This one is tough. We are heading to the great continent of Africa. We are looking for:

The Most Obscure African Countries
(Criteria here for me is pretty much I've never heard of this place except when looking at a map of Africa, which I have done many times in the past. Really. So, no real soccer success, throws out Togo, no Genocide or civil war (or at least extreme, publicized genocide or civil war), sorry Rwanda, and I'm going for mainland Africa, so no Sao Tome & Principe.

8. ) Central African Republic- It is what it is called, just a country in the center of Africa.

7.) Malawi - I met a white kid from here in England. He was a bit weird, really funny, guess that'll happen being one of like 1,000 white people in Malawi. He told me his dad would give him as much money for an entire night out than he would give his servants for an entire year. Wow!

6.) Burkina Faso- Don't know much about this one. Very Poor. Weird name so people might remember it. Also saw it on The Amazing Race.

5.) Burundi - One of those countries by Rwanda and Tanzania. Maybe Victoria Falls is up there too.

4.) Equatorial Guinea - Yeah, real small one in Southern West Africa. Despite its name, the equator actually does not pass through.

3.) Guinea - Has a gulf, a few other countries, an Italian racial slur, and a pig named after it, but I couldn't tell you a thing about it.

2) Gabon - I'm guessing about 2% of Americans (too high?) know that Gabon is a country. But very not, Jeff Probst will be introducing America to it in the next volume of Survivor. Yes!

1.) Guinea-Bissau - Is that a person, place, or thing?

There you go kids, your geography lesson for the week. Now go find these places on your map.

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Thorzul said...

Do all of the world's Guinea-type country names come from the same root? Here's the list:
Guinea (formerly known as French Guinea)
Equatorial Guinea
French Guiana

I'm tempted to put Gambia and Gabon in there, but these are not similar enough. I'm also unsure of Robert Guillaume, the guy who played Benson.

Making the list, however, is Guinan. You'll remember her when you visit this site.