Monday, August 11, 2008

Spokane, WA

First stop for me on the bus this leg, Spokane Washington. Nothing too exciting, but it was my first time in Washington, well other than the airport.
We were at Washington State University-Spokane. School wasn't in session, so it was a pretty boring day. 1 TV station, 1 radio station and 1 newspaper came out. I had my colleague in our Montana office call the school's office who set up the stop to come down and check out the bus. They came like 20 deep, and we were busy for like a half hour, right when the reporters were there, so we didn't look too bush league, looked good in fact.
The people we did talk to were all real nice.
The city itself seemed like a midwest city, nothing to upscale or commercial, but a good place.
Not much else to report, but the Project Vote Smart bus is back on the road.

Grade: B

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