Saturday, August 16, 2008

Portland, OR

Portland, OR aka Hippie-land.
It was 95 degrees in Portland Oregon. We again went to a Farmer's Market. And dang, there were a lot of neo-hippie liberals there. I may have mentioned it before, but I am weirded out by hippies.
The stop was weak and boring, so I'll just make some observations about the people I saw.
Ok, these farmer's market patrons are weird to me. They seem to hate socks. They seem to dislike bras. They seem to dislike face-was and antiperspirant - lots of Sweaties out there, but maybe that was just due to the heat. Lots of women who appeared to be in their late 30's and maybe 40's had babies. The food their is expensive. There are massive amounts of self-satisfaction when a purchase is made. These people just love the fact that they are buying from the farmer's market. I bet they are just like "Yes! I bought local."
But, maybe I just don't understand that lifestyle. Maybe it's great.
Grade: D+

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