Monday, January 14, 2008

West Des Moines, IA

Well, I got one comment on my blog the last month, someone telling me I should stop writing. Ouch. Well, I don't think that I'll stop writing just yet.

I am a few days behind. Friday I was in Des Moines Iowa after driving like 10 hours in a snowstorm, getting into Des Moines a little before 3:00AM. Yeah, but this is the rebirth of democracy.
Iowa was ok. We were at some sort of civic education essay for Iowa highschoolers. Yeah, they seemed excited to be out of school- understandable.
I did two more TV interviews, both conducted by very attractive reporters. I could sense some on-air chemistry there. Ok, maybe just in my head.
One funny vignette. I noticed a very piles of dogshit near the bus and low and behold, some kid stepped in it pretty badly and wiped it off on our carpet. What? Yes. And I said to him in a really high voice "What are you doing? Not on the carpet!" Yeah, so we bought a new carpet a few hours later.

Grade: B+

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Thorzul said...

Don't let the comment get you down. Keep up the posts.