Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joplin, MO

Joplin Missouri? Yeah, I never heard of it either. We were at Missouri Southern State University, not to be confused with Missouri State, formerly Southwest Missouri State, or another one we saw on the highway, Central Missouri State University.
Despite the low profile, and the fact they didn't save a parking spot for us, it was a very good day, probably in the top two for stops I've been on so far. A big surprise. And, the weather was about 20 degrees, which will be the lowest for this area all year. Great timing.
People were so much nicer than at Washington University. They would actually listen when you talked. We had two TV stations, two newspapers, and two radio stations. Pretty, Pretty nice. Me and JJ. are pretty much media superstars.
And we got a free meal. Gotta love that.
Grade: B+ (woulda been an A is we had some warmer weather.)

A few others thoughts- I felt real old this week, trying to chat up lots of 18 and 19 years and flirt with 18-21 year olds girls. Yeah, I'm a bit old, but my boyish charm is still alive. Once I get started, they're hooked. Ha, sure.
Nowhere is as cool as THE University of Wisconsin (though, Missouri Southern State U has a pretty nice logo).

Most People are excited about Project Vote Smart.
We got a nice Bus.
I wish I was still in college.
Only a few southern accents so far.

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