Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Milwaukee, WI

Well, I'm from Milwaukee, so I certainly have a little bias, but even so, it was a pretty weak stop. We very in a bad location and the weather was terrible. Yeah, January in Wisconsin, not much foot traffic.
We had a pretty boring day. I was lucky I got to leave to attend a Rotary Club meeting, pretty much a bunch of rich white guys, and get a free meal, and see the presentation put on by Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball. In the afternoon, we picked up a bit, but still a poor day.
In the evening, I showed our bus to a bunch of my friends. Pretty fun. Most of there questions were about horses and if people in the video still worked at PVS. And at the end in pretty full understanding of what PVS does, asked "So, who should I vote for?" Pretty nice guys.
Good drinks at the bar. And we won the pub quiz. Yes! My co-worker from Ohio was upset you can't buy beer after 9:00

Grade: C
I love Mil-town.

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