Thursday, January 10, 2008

Appleton, WI

Milwaukee Post Script: We were actually off yesterday and ran some errands. I went to Steve and Barry's to get some khakis and ended up leaving with a pair of shoes, pair of sweatpants (valourish), sweatshirt, and my pair of khakis. Everything was $8.98! Crazy. My co-worker from Ohio had never been to Steve and Barry's and liked it a lot. I think that's the first time I bought real stuff there. Good ole' Milwaukee. Check out the kicks.

OK, Appleton. This was my first night staying on the bus itself. We got into town and went to a few bars. The first was nice and big, but there were NO people there. The second was more crowded and seemed to be a somewhat popular, trendy place. It was fun, nothing special, but I believe I got the most free drinks ever at a bar where I did not know the bartender. Pretty nice. Must be that Vote Smart charm. Definitely a plus for Appleton.

The stop itself went ok. We were at some eco, non-profit, community coffee shop. It was pretty cool. And also cold outside. Not many people, but all the people who stopped by were genuinely interested. I also did my first TV interview.
Wisconsin is still a weird place.

Grade for Appleton: C+

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