Wednesday, January 16, 2008

St. Louis, MO

I don't want to give St. Louis a bad rap, but if the rest of the city is anything like Washington University, I will never visit again.
Yes, our reception at Washington University in St. Louis was pretty poor. I know you know any university followed by "in blank" is pretty weak. But people there sucked majorly. Most students just ignored us even we were talking to them. The thought they were better than us for some reason. And campus security were A-holes too. We got there, got in our spot without any trouble, but then they told us we had to move. We ended up in a worse spot half-way onto the street, but they didn't mind that for some reason.
Yeah, it was clear pretty early that this would not be a good day. And, it never got any better.
I wish I had a megaphone just to make fun of all the people ignoring me as they walked past. To get them back, we dumped our dog-shite-scraped-on-rug in their dumpster. Take that!
Maybe like 3 nice people on campus.


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