Saturday, January 19, 2008

Norman, OK

Norman Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma University. Finally the weather was at least into the 40's and the sun was out. Project Vote Smart was out too, hitting up about 200 students. We didn't have many takers on the bus itself, but we talked to a lot of interested students. Everyone was for the most part nice and polite. I have say OU had by far the best looking girls of anywhere we have been. Again, I tried to play up my boyish charm.
We had three TV stations stop by and I did a nice double interview, pretty much a rockstar. Two cameramen and two reporters interviewing me at the same time. I am pretty much a media whore. Oh, and another HOT reporter.
Yeah, so it was a good day. Oh, and the night before I sang karaoke- keepin' it real with REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Lovin' You". I put in a good performance, but the crowd was not with me, reppin' for Wisconsin, though.

At night we went out in Oklahoma City. It seemed like a cool town, but there were very few people out. Met a nice local from a half-way house, seemed like a good guy, sort of. He told a girl he was so good that by the end of the night, "You'll be ready to blow in my butt."
Hmm. Went to a country western bar and learned how to dance to country music. Kind of fun, I mean how often will I be in Oklahoma City? Apparently I was a quick learner, but the two step I know is much different than the country two step.
Grade: B+

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