Saturday, January 26, 2008

Loveland, CO

Not much love for Loveland. As I said before, the bus broke down and we missed a day, so the people in Loveland tried to cram two days of stuff into one day....without telling us that.
So that wasn't too cool. We ended up working about 9 hours and then had to drive about nine hours through the snow in the mountains to Utah. And the lady who set up these stops, similar to a certain leader of genocide. Ha. Really.
The first part of the stop was at a high school. The kids were kind of weird. The second stop was also at a high school and the kids were less weird. The high school kids loved me and Jonathon Sharkey, a vapire/satanist running for president, (check him out) and the light up pens and temporary tattoos. The last part of the stop was in, downtown Loveland. Most people we talked to were nice and two TV stations came out, so it wasn't all bad. Teaching the next generation of voters to vote smart. Sure.
You can tell by this entry I wasn't really feeling Loveland.

Grade: C-

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