Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, being on the bus has been cool so far. Unfortunately, it broke down twice in the past few days and we had to cancel a stop today. Ouch.
And yeah, there are some drawbacks to the bus.
# 1 for me is the lack of a working toilet. Our toilet does not work at all and even if it did, we wouldn't poop in it cuz that is just gross for the septic tank and then we gotta drain that.
But not being able to have a BM in the comfort of your our home sucks. Public toilets are bad enough and toilets these days are all handicap accessible, which is fine, but sucks for me being short. I feel if my legs are at more than a 90 degree angel, then I cannot have a good dump. Junkie, you know where I'm at on this right, had the best shits of your life in pit toilets in Zambia. Yeah, sorry about the rant on this, but definitely the worst thing for me on the tour.
# 2 is the diet. We only had a mini fridge and a microwave, so it's hard to eat right. And we don't really eat lunch cuz we are working that time of day. So usually we eat one big meal and usually it's not at all good for you. And we're sitting on a bus for most of the day, and with the weather being so cold, it's really tough to get much of any exercise.
#3 sleeping on the floor in the cold back of the bus every other night.
#4 being in a different city every other day, but that is sometimes good.

Yeah, those are the drawbacks, but I'm really glad to be on the bus. It beats many things.

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