Monday, January 7, 2008

Get on the Bus, a Tony Brown Joint

Ok, time for a new phase in my blog. Saturday I started a cross-country bus tour with my work Project Vote Smart And any views I express here are totally my own, not my company's.
So anyway, we're traveling around the country telling about the services provided by Project Vote Smart. We go to different cities everyday. In this blog I will describe certain aspects of the city, mostly people, area, observations, funny things that happened.

Ok, we kicked off this part of our tour Saturday in Chicago, IL. We had a nice spot right downtown on Michigan Ave. Lots of people. Lots of foreigners. A good amount of good looking women. A good amount of homeless people. Most people were confused about the giant red, white, and blue bus amd giant blow-up American flag ball. Rightfully so.
We tried to go out at night, but the bus couldn't fit under the train overpasses.
Yeah, sorry this is such a lame entry, mostly I will just talk about the food, bars, and women of the cities I travel to, along with any funny stories.
So Chicago, a grade of a B, not sure yet what my criteria is, but a B sounds right. Stay posted for much more.

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