Friday, October 3, 2008

What Needs to Happen Redux

Ok, so my plans did not go as I saw them going. Man. Shane Victtorino? Really?
It's ok CC. I plan on seeing you pitch in a Brewers uniform at least once more.
Ok, so what needs to happen?

1. Brewers score some runs! Really, c'mon boys, bust out, maybe even 4 runs? Please.
2. Get Hype Milwaukee! Two games at home lets take 'em. We've been waiting 26 years for this. Our boys need some picking up. Let's do it fans! Yes!!! Exclamation Marks!!!
3. Bush - has it.
4. Suppan - hmm? October magic like I said. Or, thanks to CC being off his game and McClung coming in, the Suppan/Parra/Villaneuva/Gagne/Stetter/Mota/Shouse/Torres platoon. Dale Sveum will do whatever it takes.
5. Now we need a game 5. Redeem yourself CC!

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