Saturday, October 18, 2008

Queens, NY

Hitting yet an borough with the bus. This time it Queens. It was my first time there, and unlike Staten Island and Long Island, Queens hit more of the my NY stereotypes - lots of buildings real close together (think Cosby show, was that Brooklyn?) lots of neighborhood stores an bars, LOTS of great NY accents, and lots of diversity. Yeah, Queens is alright.
We brought the bus to St. John's University, the real one this time. It was another fun, busy day. I did get woken up twice by the police telling us we needed to move the bus, but that's not too out of the ordinary.
I guess it was a normal day on the bus. We did give away t-shirts, which brought a crowd and I did get a lot of videos for out youtube channel. It was a fun, busy day again. I like those, the days go quick. People were for the most part very nice. Oh, and the diversity - white, black, Asian, Indian, mixed - was pretty cool to see. I've been to a lot of college campuses, and I went to school in Madison, so I notice diversity. I wish there were more places like that.
Look at Jon attracting the ladies. Must be the purple shirt.

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