Saturday, October 18, 2008

Long Island, NY

The Site: Hofstra University - Hempstad, Long Island NY
The Event: The Final Presidential Debate
The Audience: Many, Many rich college kids.

See, we were not given press credentials for this debate. Our bus was in a parking lot with the CNN election Bus, the CSPAN Bus, The Rock the Vote Bus, and some eco-Bus. It was a busy day.
And for the record, we definitely kicked Rock the Vote's ass as far as people coming to talk to us went. Maybe it was the fact that we were giving away free flashlight pens, but hopefully more that our services are still usable (The NY registration deadline has past). But is you remember my previous DNC post, Rock the Vote is weak. We probably talked to 1,000 people. Good stuff. Lots of people, actually more older people than younger people were solely looking for free stuff. Yeah, but then I give them free information on Project Vote Smart.

I guess Hofstra did not have classes that day, so students were all over the place. LOTS of sorority girls. Lots of stretch pants and Uggz and big sun glasses. Just what I like, ok, actually the opposite of what I like. Lots of people loved the ball (below) but an oddly high percentage of them posed with the ball hugging or humping it. I'm not sure why, but they loved it. Oh, and I'm sure this will come as no surprise, but NY college kids love Barack Obama. Startling news I sure.

Since we didn't have press passes, I didn't get to see anyone famous. Boo. We did talk to journalists from Russia, New Zealand, South Korea, Sierra Leone, and France, but none from America. Great. Awesome. But it was fun day, definitely an interesting event. I hear the debate wasn't that great. But it was a fun busy day for us.

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Amy said...

ball humping? I love it!!!! HAHAHAHA