Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Favorite Chick Flicks

Yes, it's time. The Brewers are done, so it's time to unveil the list of my favorite chick flicks. I've had the idea for this post for some time now and have been putting it together all week. I know the suspense must be killing you. So here it goes.
Quick Criteria: You all know what a chick flick is, so I won't define it for you. Basically, I just have to have seen the movie and liked it. It's great that this is my own list, so I can pretty much do what I want. And, I think most guys occassionaly enjoy chick flicks, especially me.


Honorable Mention: There won't be any classic movies on here from like the 50's, and I really don't like Kate Hudson or campy 80s movies. Here are a few that almost made the cut into the top 10
13 Going on 30 - I like Jennifer Garner
Dirty Dancing
Center Stage- for some reason I saw the final 20 minutes of this movie like 20 times with my sister
Mean Girls - more a comedy than a chick flick
When Harry Met Sally - I've actually never seen the whole thing
Ghost - good movie
Sleepless in Seattle- I saw this movie at a drive-in with my family part of a double bill with Coneheads. Sleepless in Seattle was by far the better movie
Titanic- great film, love story, but not really a chick flick

10. The Notebook - Yeah, I'll admit I saw this one. It was a good story, sad. I was pissed when the mother wouldn't give her this letters from the guy. Something about the old school aspect makes it more romantic too. Girls love this one much more than me.

9. Bend it Like Beckham - Yeah, I had to throw some sports in here. It was a cute movie. I believe I watched it with my friend Wallie. Cute girls, soccer, a funny Indian family. Yeah, I liked it.

8. A Walk in the Clouds -
Yep Keanu Reeves. I remember the scene when the vineyard was on fire, pretty cool. Haven't seen this one in years, and now that I am a more mature fellow, I should check it out again.

7. Forces of Nature - Some people migh be surprised by this pick. It's the one with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock where he is getting married soon and meets her. I remember watching this on TV before a big English Exam I don't know if it was the fact that I didn't want to study or the fact that this movie is great, but I could not take my eyes off this movie. There was some chemistry between the two actors, and it was real funny. For some reason they lost their clothes and Ben Afflack was wearing these warm-up pants the entire movie (just like in Good Will Hunting) And the end might not be liked by some, but I really liked it. It asks questions about chance, fate, and all that stuff, but in the end, he stays with the one he loves. Sometimes the great people we might in life allow us to realize how much we love the ones we love.

6. The Cutting Edge-

this movie also made my sports movie list. Interesting. It's very campy, but I like it, a Saturday afternoon TV favorite. The New Year's Eve scene totally sticks out in my head. The two wanna kiss eachother, but are with other people, and there is this crazy lighting with these sparklers. Wow. And the two pretend to hate each other. The girl gets drunk one night, finally tells the guy how she feels. She gets too drunk and gets turned down and then the guy goes to sleep with another girls. Ouch

5. Romeo and Juliet-
- Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio. Some very amazing scenes - like the one at the first party where they are trying to see each other, the maid sneaking him out, and the classic balcony scene. I think for most of our generation, this was our first foray into Shakespeare. This is another one I need to see again. Is was pissed at the end. And my favorite part, the Des'ree song Kissing You - Pride can stand a thousand trials/the strong will never fall/ But watching stars without you my soul cries/heaving heart is full of pain/oh, oh the aching

4. Serendipity - this may be another one not that popular, but I really enjoyed it. I think I got this one from the library. I guess it is just the idea that is alluring, something you hope for like everyday, just going to somewhere normal and randomly meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet. You know love at first sight. And then you think about them all the time, but in this case they end up back together and everything is great.
And Kate Beckinsale is hot.

3. 10 Things I hate about you -

This one came up a few weeks ago in my high school movies list.
Its just a fun movie. Drunk dancing, soccer, paintball, nose-spray ads, prom, over-bearing parents. A fun one for sure. And, the douche-bag does not get the girl in the end. Her poem at the end, pretty touching, a little chessie, but it got to me. Heath Ledger in his prime, ok maybe not quite yet, but a good flick.

2. A Walk to Remember -
OK, I might get some flack for this one, but I really like this movie. Mandy Moore is one of my favorite. I definitely have "Only Hope" on my MP3 player. That was a great scene. I guess the innocence of it all appeals to me, finding someone you love completely and would totally change your life for. All the stuff he did for her - being in two places at once, getting her the fake tattoo, naming a star after her - super cute (please don't question my sexuality on this one) And in the end they get married before she dies. Man, great stuff. I love it!

1a. Love Actually- This is obviously number one. Everyone loves this movie - guys, girls, doesn't matter. This is a great movie. Great, great soundtrack. The scenes at Heathrow are great and true. My favorite story is easily the one with the writer and the Portuguese girl. Very cute, again something you dream of happening. Liam Neison crying was super sad. And the wife when she found out her husband bought a necklace for a different girl with Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" playing, wow, pretty powerful. I even liked it when the Prime Minister told off the President. Yes, a great chick flick, but this one is ok for guys to like. Thanks goodness.

1b. The Princess Bride-
I'm not really sure if this is actually a chick flick. Some say it is, some say no. I really don't think it is, but it's close enough to put in as 1b. But an awesome movie!
"Is this a kissing book?"
"As you wish"
Yeah, you all know this movie. Westley even comes back from (near) death for Buttercup. Wow.
"Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles."
"Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The end."

So there you go kids. Let me know what you think and what I missed.
Unfortunaltely, most of these movies I watched by myself because I am so cool or with guys. Haha, maybe someday soon I will have some dates.
Cool. Hopefully this list gave you a little glimpse into this complex mind of mine.


Amy said...

Forces of Nature! WTF!!! Maybe you should've just studied for the damn test instead. But good call on the Bend it Like Beckham and Love Actually. I still think you need to see Pride and Prejudice.

Daniel said...

I'm surprised by how few of the movies on the list I have seen. Kudos for Bend It Like Beckham and 10 Things I Hate About You. For some reason I've always had a soft spot for 10 Things I Hate About You and never get sick of watching it. Plus it's Heath Ledger's (RIP) first real appearance that I'm aware of. And his character supposedly spent that last year living in Milwaukee. While The Princess' Bride is an amazing movie, I don't think it's a chick flick. It's just a movie that everyone loves, unlike Love Actually.

I was recently trying to compile my 10 worst movies of all time list and Love Actually was in the top half of my top ten. I absolutely hated that movie. Apart from the scene that shows people in a bar in Milwaukee drinking Budweiser (blasphemy), the movie is so stupid and thin that I would rather watch almost anything else. For some reason which I don't remember I had to see that movie at the theater and I remember almost wanting to walk out. I can't even begin to describe how dissappointed I am that you put that movie as #1 on your list.

Good chick flick movie: Love & Basketball

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