Monday, October 27, 2008

Boston, MA

Boston is the best city ever.
Boston is great.
Boston is awesome. Everyone I know who goes there loves it.

This is what people told me about Boston. I disagree. It was a tease being in Boston with a 45 foot bus. I would call the city lame, definitely impractical and poorly planned. Maybe I am just bitter because I couldn't go out.
We went to Boston College and Harvard. BC was not the best. The people at the school who planned our stop didn't clear it with the right people, so we had to wait, and then ended up being placed somewhere else. The kids were not too excited. Only a few were interested in free t-shirts.
Harvard was cool. I was expecting stuck up rich kids, but that was not the case. People were generally nice. Lots of foreigners. I'm pretty sure if I would have went to Harvard I would have got a lot of girls. All the guys were either super dorky, super stuck up, or super gay. So I think by default I would have faired rather well.

Got to see another old intern friend in CT that night. Good times, mostly retelling old PVS stories. It was a quick dinner, probably better we didn't drink like we were in Montana.

In case you haven't noticed, the bus tour has lost its allure for me. Not as fun as it used to be. For the first time, I actually wish I was in Montana. Weird.

Grade: D+

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