Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bus Bonus - Scranton, PA and Binghamton, NY

From time to time, the bus has a few days off and gets visit cities where it doesn't really have a stop. That is the case for this weekend. A little bonus for our readers.

Scranton, PA - Ok, Scranton has had a lot of hype these past few years. Most of it is from the office, but it is also the hometown of Joe Biden and Hilary Rodham Clinton. It seems to be a typical working class town. Nothing special lately. Went to a bar to get a few drinks - pretty empty. And I didn't have time to find and Dunder-Mifflin memorabilia because we got kicked out of our parking spot in the morning. Boo mall security. But I did get to watch the office in Scranton. Not bad.

Binghamton, NY - Well I have to say that Binghamton is the most unattractive place (as far as people go) in the nation. Really, and I've lived in Milwaukee, Montana, and Philadelphia, so this is saying a lot. Seriously, not an attractive person in the city. When the bar tenders and wait staff are unattractive, it's a bad sign for the rest of the city. Lots of fat people. Lots of single diners. An abnormally high amount of women with moustaches. Really. No good. That's all I gots.

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