Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oneonta, NY (Not Albany)

So, the bus broke down on the way to Albany. We were in a town called Otego and were towed to a place named Oneonta, NY. Upstate New York is much different than down state New York. Lots of farms, lots of hills, not too many people. Yes, so the bus was towed finally on Tuesday morning. We were at a truck repair shop on the edge of town. It was cold and rainy, but sometimes you gotta find your own excitement.
So that's what I did. I ventured out. The prospects were bleak. Lots of car repair places and dealerships and light industry. I saw a Lowe's in the distance and went inside just to look around. Yes, this was how desperate I was. I even forced myself to go to the bathroom just for something to do. I looked at paint and Christmas decorations. Fun. Then I trekked on, oh and I forgot to mention I'm on a state highway without a sidewalk and it's pretty cold, and see an Amish Barn Company, an ice cream shop which is closed for the season, a skating rink, and sing that says Fatman, but is not for a restaurant, then finally a gas station. And next to the gas station - a bowling alley! Yes, and for some reason it opens at 1:00 on Tuesdays. I check my watch and it's 12:45. Nice. I go to the gas station and get some food and as soon as I sit down Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" starts playing. Wow, what a great turn of events!
So I get to the bowling alley. It's just me and a bunch of old people and a couple retarded people. I love it! I'm bowling average. It's fun. Before I know it I've played 5 games. Then I am about to pay and realize you can bowl two hours for only $16.00, so I get in two more games and top out at 170. I realize I am sweating at the end of it. Good stuff.
Then at night Jon and I go an another trek, more like a quest. Think Lord of the Rings, a long epic journey. And it was cold, very cold. But no hobbits or orcs or wizards and there were only two of us, and we were looking for a McDonald's. But it was long and tough, probably a three mile walk on dark back roads through upstate New York. And in the end, there was no McDonald's, but Burger King, even better. Rodeo Burgers!
And, the bus was not even in the garage yet. Man.

So yesterday the bus gets fixed in like two hours, just a leaky hose, but that is a big deal on a 22-ton bus. So we finally leave Oneonta. And then about 5 miles away we see a sign for the Baseball Hall of Fame, so we decide to head to Cooperstown. Pretty crazy. It was cool. Something pretty impromptu, so that made it even better. I was definitely the only one interested in the Milwaukee Braves and Brewers, haha, but I tried my best to see everything. It was cool, something I'm glad I went to but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

But the bus breaking down turned into so good fun. I'm glad I got out and explored.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually from Oneonta, and I feel you did not get to experience much of its offerings. Sorry the weather did not cooperate with you... I don't know which direction you walked to find a McDonald's, but Oneonta definitely has several. In fact there is one inside Walmart which is only a few buildings down from Holiday Lanes, where you had your bowling adventure. There is another about 1/2 mile away (past our small mall/movie theater). Additionally, where you were was on State Highway 23, a decidedly industrial stretch, but that is not what Oneonta is like when you go downtown (perhaps a mile from where you were). There are some bars and restaurants and local shops with a "hometown" feel on Main Street. There are some parks as well, and the National Soccer Hall of Fame is just off the highway. Oh, and the sign that said "Fatman" is a computer repair shop.
Glad you enjoyed your pitstop though!

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