Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Staten Island, NY

New York City! Yep, but Staten Island is definitely not the New York City I think of. No skyscrapers. No cabs. No streets jam packed with people. Staten Island is kind of like the suburbs. There was a nice little hood, though, which we drove through when took a few wrong turns on our way into the borough.
The people we talked to also didn't fit the stereotypes of New Yorkers. Everyone was pretty much nice. People were interested in what we had to say.
Oh, yeah, we were at St. John's Staten Island, which I didn't know existed until a few days ago. It was a cute little campus. Great weather. Nice people. And, my faithful readers know this will get a lot of points from me, free lunch. Yes, enough food to feed four or five people. I love it!

There were a few stereotypes which were confirmed. Lots of Italian-Americans, but not the pretty ones, grimmy working class kids. Lots of Yankee hats. A few straight Guido kids with spiked hair and chains and plucked eyebrows. Lots of people whipping pretty hard in Navigators and Excursions with nice rims. Some stretch pants and designer t-shirts, but nothing too bad. Lots of good accents, but like I said, overall nice people . Maybe people you wouldn't think would be cool, but were ok when you talked to them. Don't judge!

Grade: A- (CBS radio and NY1 came out. No network stations, but I'm guessing these two outlets reach a lot more people than say, CBS in Toledo.)

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