Friday, March 14, 2008


So, I wasn't really feeling this season of Survivor until last week when they switched up the teams. It is much better now. The challenge last week where Joel was dragging Chet was great. And I must say I like the winning team better- James, Jonathon, Parvati, Eliza, new young guy with long hair, but not the creepy hair, two new younger nice girls, and that weird lady. James is a mountain of a man. Ridiculous. Did you see tonight's challenge? Wow. Parvati is hot as I mentioned in a previous post, great smile. And I like Jonathon even though he is a douche at times. He played the game. I was upset when he had to leave due to his injury. He loves the game. If people can cry in sports, why can't he cry when having to leave Survivor?
Good things. I would've done the same thing Jonathon.

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tmars said...

what do you think of ozzie? i can't decide if he's too cocky, or if he's just good and deserves it.