Friday, March 14, 2008

Nintendo Madness

I got the bracket fever baby. Everything should be in tournament form.
We're starting with Nintendo games. I'm talking about the 8-bit original NES, jumping up and down when you got it for Christmas, blowing on the games, playing til your hands hurt from the rectangular controllers. Yes.
Now I wasn't one of those rich kids growing up. I got nintendo a few years after most people and I didn't have many games, but it was still great.

I guess to vote, or to question my selections, just post or email me. Just vote on the ones you want. Not really sure what the best system for this is yet. Next round will be posted Tuesday. (company ski and/or get drunk weekend trip) Once we progress I'll and pictures and game descriptions and stuff. Have fun.

1. Super Mario Brothers 3
16. City Connection

8. Micro Machines
9. Excitebike

12. Ninja Gaiden

13. Metroid
4. Base Wars


6.Mike Tyson's Punchout
11. World Cup Soccer

10. Ice Hockey

15.Karate Kid
2. Tetris

1.Techmo Superbowl
16. Mappy-Land

8. Tiny Toons
9. Track and Field

5.Dr. Mario
12. Mario Brothers 2

13. Blades of Steel
4. Super Dodgeball

3. Super Mario Brothers/ Duck Hunt
14. PC Pro AM

6. MegaMan II
11. Duck Tales

7. Contra
10. Castlevania II

15. California Games
2. Zelda II


StoneyAssassin said...

As a product of the NES generation, I feel I have some important opinions. First of all, the rankings create some very easy and very tough decisions. Personally, Ninja Gaiden, Rampage, and Contra need higher seeds. More importantly, where is Double Dribble, Top Gun, The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon!!! Maybe some bias, but Double Dragon undoubtedly deserves a spot. What in the hell is City Connection, The Karate Kid, Super Dodgeball,Mappy-Land, and California Games even doing on there? Dr. Mario and Tetris were never really that much fun either if you had other options. Alright, complaints aside, my votes:
-Super Mario Brothers 3
-Ninja Gaiden (tough choice)
-Base Wars
-Rampage (very difficult match-up)
-Punchout (come on, Punchout vs. soccer?)
-refuse to vote based on two lame games

-Techmo Superbowl
-Tiny Toons
-Mario Brothers 2 (might as well have matched it up against watching the washing machine)
-Blades of Steel
-Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
-Mega Man II
-Contra(very tough choice)
-Zelda II

Favorite lower 2nd tier Simpsons character: Dr. Nick Riviera
"The coroner, I'm so sick of that guy."

StoneyAssassin said...

Does this eventually lead to a tier 1 and tier 2 Simpsons character tourney?

bighammer said...

hey, this is calebs housemate. You got some pretty good games here, just missin a few good ones. This is how its gonna happen...
-Super mario Bro's
-ninja gaiden
-Mike Tyson's Punch out
-KarateKid/tetris----both die

-techmo superbowl
-track & field
-super mario bro's II
-blades of steel
-Duck hunt
-megaman II/ duck tales---thats a tough one----megaman II wins tho.
-CONTRA---should be ranked higher than a 7 seed...
-Zelda II---- the gold cartridge is better....

and where is RYGAR....that game was awesome.....

bighammer said...

DR. mario, tetris, mappyland, karatekid....i reckon these ought to be replaced by the better games........RAMPAGE had got to be one of the worst games ever....i hate that game....

Matthew said...

The rankings are biased. TMNT 2 wins it all just like Duke this year.

Matthew said...

If I must chose though:

SMB3 (flight)
Excitebike (creationism)
Ninja Gaiden (featured in The Wizard)
Metroid (it's really a girl)
TMNT 2 (Chuck E Cheese classic)
Mike Tyson's Punchout (Robin Givens)
Ice Hockey (team full of fatties)
Karate Kid (includes the sequel in the story line too)
TSuperbowl (not as good as Techmo Bowl but whatever)
Track&Field (I can't beat Rabbit)
Dr. Mario (2 player)
Blade of Steel (game after 2 period)
Mario/Duck Hunt (clay shooter)
Mega Man 2 (techno music)
Contra (last boss is a heart)
California Games (hacky sack)

tmars said...

my first thought was, "what, no ninja turtles?" and then i realized how out of my league i am when i went back and thought about what TMNT stands for. so that's my vote. and tiny toons all the way.

Thorzul said...

My Picks

Top Bracket:
1. Super Mario 3

9. Excitebike

5. Paperboy

4. Base Wars

3. TMNT 2

11. World Cup Soccer

10. Ice Hockey

15. Karate Kid

Bottom Bracket
1. Tecmo Super Bowl

8. Tiny Toons

12. Mario Bros. 2

3. Super Mario/Duck Hunt

11. Duck Tales

10. Castlevania 2

2. Zelda 2