Monday, March 17, 2008

Nintendo Madness Round II

Just a quick explanation of my seeding and picking criteria. 1.) I only picked games I've often played and ones I've owned were much easier to seed higher. Games like Mega Man and Metroid I never really played, so they were put in here based on the word of others. 2.) High seeding went to games I still would play. If you had a working nintendo today and played it over Wii or PS3 they must be some damn good games. 3.) Leaving out Double Dragon was a mistake. Don't know how I forgot them. That is my only apology.

Notable First Round Results:
15 seed Karate Kid defeats 2 seed Tetris. Wow. A huge surprise there. Two people refused to vote because they hated the games, one calling for both to "die". I think it was the ice chopping level that did it for KK
13 Blades if Steel beats Super Dodge Ball easily. I guess you guys never played Super Dodge ball because it is great.
Classic 12-5 upset with Super Mario Brothers 2 beating Dr. Mario and Ninja Gaiden beating Paperboy
My sister's vote for Tiny Toons broke the tie versus Track and Field
Two ties had to be decided by the seeding committee, Base Wars over Metroid and Ice Hockey over Battletoads. Good stuff.

Round II

1. Super Mario 3
9. Excitebike

4.Base Wars
12. Ninja Gaiden

6. Mike Tyson's Punchout

10. Ice Hockey
15. Karate Kid

1. Techmo Superbowl
8. Tiny Toons

12. Super Mario 2
13. Blades of Steel

3. Super Mario/Duck Hunt
6. Mega ManII

7. Contra
2. Zelda II (gold cartridge)

I like those 3/6 matchups.
Voting will be open until Wednesday morning.


Thorzul said...

I'm making my votes on the basis of what each game taught me. A superior pedagogy creates a superior game. Here we go.

Top Bracket:
1. Super Mario 3: A fancy outer covering (Hammer Suit, Tonooki, etc.) can be bested by a functional tail.

4. Base Wars: A close play at the plate can be decided by a strategically placed cannon blast from a hovering "*batteries not included" robot.

3. TMNT II: The length and striking power of one's weapon in inversely proportional to one's power life-force bar.

10. Ice Hockey: Humans come in three forms: Slightly overweight; rail-thin; and morbidly obese.

Bottom Bracket:
1. Tecmo Superbowl: Bo Jackson is the world's greatest athlete.

12. Super Mario 2: When you're fresh out of ideas, steal an original idea and put someone else's face on it.

3. Super Mario/Duck Hunt: Sometimes a loss (Track and Field) is a gain.

2. Zelda II: In the end, each of us is out own worst enemy (or maybe it's just our shadow).

Thorzul said...

That should say "each of us is OUR own worst enemy".

Matthew said...



Anonymous said...

Base Wars
Ice Hockey