Monday, March 31, 2008

March Madness Thoughts

So, today is the last day of March. I was fully engulfed in March Madness until Friday when Stephen Curry and a bunch of white boys were raining threes from everywhere to beat my beloved Badgers. So another year, another disappointment, but that is part of the Madness.
I've decided to share a few thoughts on the first two weeks of the tournament.

- I'm pretty sure I could make Stephen Curry Cry with one hard foul.
- All #1 seeds - great teams, but kinda boring
- Memphis is not overrated
- Pretty much every year I regret filling out brackets, one because I always mess up badly, two, because it makes me root for teams I don't want to. Case in point UCLA/Texas A&M
- Joe Alexander is pretty sick
-My new favorite player (for like a day) is (was) Jamie Smalligan of West Virginia. Just look at him. Great. Horseshoe.
- My new favorite player as of Thursday night- James Keefe of UCLA. He is a bench player who had a career high in points and rebounds in the Sweet Sixteen, 10 points more than his previous college high and 5 more rebounds. And then he followed that up Saturday with a 0 point 1 rebound performance. And he is one of those players that announcers LOVE. Verne Lundquist was on his nuts. He was player of the game despite Kevin Love's 30 points/14 rebounds. Hustling white boy, pretty sexy plus he's got the James Bond-esque chest hair sneaking out of his jersey. Definitely what March is all about.
- Gus Johnson and bill Rafferty are vastly entertaining. Much, Much better than Jim Nantz and Billy Packer. I wish we could get Raffery or Johnson for the Final Four.
- A lot of cheerleaders look like they're about 12 years old.
- Duke sucks
- there is nothing like college basketball

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