Friday, March 21, 2008

Nintendo Madness Round III

To be honest, the bracket only seems to have one plump matchup- the 2/3 Zelda II vs Super Mario Brother/Duck Hunt. The others looks pretty cut and dry. But that's why we play the game (vote)

1. Super Mario Brothers 3
4. Base Wars

10. Ice Hockey

1. Techmo Superbowl
12. Super Mario Brothers 2

3.Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
2. Zelda II

Nice. All Marios still in it. Mario pretty much IS nintendo. 3 sports games still in it. That is a bit more of a surprise. I guess this predated the time where there was a new game for everything each year that made the previous year's version absolete. One RPG (a really tough, long one for a little kid) and one straight arcade, level style game. Nice. Final Four will be posted Monday morning.


Thorzul said...

My choices:
1. Super Mario 3: Whenever someone asks me to play this, my answer is invariably "Yes."
10. Ice Hockey: This game is always fun, and the play has remained challenging to this day. It's never too hard or too easy.
1. Tecmo Super Bowl: The lineups are great. SMB 2 is the weakest entry. What's up with all of the vegetable picking BS?
2. Zelda II: I spent hours killing blue things in order to get my HP higher. I was those blue things' Jeffrey Dahmer.

Anonymous said...

Techmo (I hear a Wii version is in the works)
Zelda II (Game over...Return to Ganon ah ah ah ah)