Friday, February 22, 2008

Women of Survivor

Survivor is back for yet another season, and if you didn't know, it is by far my favorite show. I even sent in audition tapes for it twice. (These were some pretty baller tapes, but I never heard back. I'll see what I can do about getting these up on the blog some day, definitely worth the effort.) This season the theme is Fans vs. Favorites, where 10 past players face off against 10 new players. I'm not a big fan of this format. It should always be new players who know nothing about eachother. But there are a lot of attractive females among the favorites and I saw a photo gallery on the CBS website called "The Women of Survivor" and it had over 100 pics of women from Survivor. So, after much thought and effort, I developed a list of the hottest women ever on Survivor. Number one was super obvious, but I went into the depths of my mind and had to do a lot of deliberation and research. Enjoy.

Hottest Women of Survivor

Honorable Mention: This could be a crowded category. I mean you have mostly young, athletic women in swim suits and there's often challen
ges that involves wrestling and mud. It's hard to go wrong. I was not a fan of the Amazon girls, a little too fake for me. Some sleepers Kim P from the Africa season- slim pickings there, Brooke from the Guatemala- she only made it a few episode, but was remembered well by this man. Jerri and Amber from Austriala. Becky from Cook Islands, Stephanie from Guatemala and Palau was pretty hardcore. I also liked Ami from Vanuatu even if she doesn't like men and Eliza from the same season- very large eyes, but my roommate particularly liked her for something else very large she brought to the table. I am glad to see both of them back this season. Vanuata was a very attractive season. (possibly some foreshadowing for the top of my list.)
On to the top 5.....

5. Colleen/Elizabeth
Had to go with both here, pretty much the same. Both young, small, skinny, did well in the game. Both super cute, someone you would love to take home to mom and dad. Gave a good reason to tune in every week and when you think Survivor hottie, you defintely think of those first two seasons.
Both seemed super nice too. Oh and both went on to bigger an
d better things after the show- Colleen in "The Animal" with Rob Schneider (ok, maybe not better) and Elizabeth to "The View". She basically runs that shit.
A good start.

4. Parvati

From Cook Islands- the season where they were all divided by race. She has a great smile and a nice body. And she uses what she gots, probably one of the most flirty players ever in Survivor. And she's back this season. James is pretty much putty in her hand, but I guess I would be too.

3. Candice

Again, one of the white girls from the Cook Islands season. I really didn't like her, but she's hot. No doubt. Blonde, not usually my style, but I'll take it he
re, and again a great smile. And while researching I found her last name is Woodcock. Fitting.

2. Darrah

From the Panama season. This might be my most dark horse pick, but there is something about her, man, just did it for me. Maybe it was the southern accent. Maybe it was the dark hair. Maybe it was the fact that she is a mortician! Maybe it was the fact that this season there were no other attractive girls or that I was a 20 year-old living in a college dorm when it aired. Maybe it was the hot skirt and yellow buff/tube top that she always wore, but she definitely hit all the right buttons for me. She played the game well too, getting to the final four. Oh, and in this season there were challenges with a gun (which she won) and a blow gun! Wow I love Survivor. Darrah is fit. Pictures don't do her justice.

1. Julie

There really was no contest here. I mean just look at these pictures. Amazing. Julie Berry from Vanuatu. I pretty much want to marry her. I heard she
was dating Jeff Probst (that fuck) maybe even married to him, but I'm not sure. Again, I watched this season as a 21 year old while living in an apartment with three other guys. Pretty much we would just watch and check out the girls and rate them and say what we would do to them. Yeah, that sounds about right. So Julie, drop me an email. We should get together sometime.
This wasn't even a race. She won by miles. And she played the game pretty well. And I'm sure she's a good person too. But, wow-fit, hot, the bomb, bangin', sexy, fly- whatever you wanna say. She is it.

Yeah, so there you go. Just my opinion. Sorry I'm so superficial. Please let me know what you think and if there's anyone I forgot.

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Brian said...

Kim P only honorable mention?! Lame Big-T, just lame.