Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Oscars

I guess the Academy Awards are this weekend. Excited? Me neither.
I decided I would impart upon you the Tony Oscars. But unfortunately, I am even less in touch with the pulse of movies right now than the Academy voters. In fact, out of every movie nominated for any award- from best picture to sound mixing- I have only seen two. So, take anything I am about to say with many grains of salt.

Criteria for nomination: All that had to happen was that I viewed the entire movie for the first time this past year. So, if I've never seen the Karate Kid until 2 months ago, that would be eligible, but of course, you know that is not the case. You may see some oldies though.
Also, I made some of my own categories. So, without further ado, enjoy my Oscars.

Best Picture:

American Gangster
The Prestige
Little Miss Sunshine
The Pursuit of Happyness
Gangs of New York

Winner: Gangs of New York-
awesome film, not sure why I hadn't seen it until now. Can you believe Chicago beat out this, the Pianist, and LOTR: The Two Towers for best picture in 2002? I thought Juno was a bit overrated, I mean it was good, but as far as teen pregnacy goes I liked Jena Malone and Saved! better. Second was probably Little Miss Sunshine and The Prestige Third. But none of these movies, even the winner will make my all time favorite list.

Best Comedy:

Simpsons Movie
Knocked Up

Winner: Knocked Up
I loved the scene at the bar, and his friends, and the interaction between Paul Rudd and his wife and kids. Simpsons was like a real good long episode. Beerfest was funny funny, Accepted was surprisingly good.

Foreign Film:

The Great Match (winner) I saw more than one, but this was by far the best. Check it out.


For the Bible Tells Me So
Jesus Camp
The Staircase

Winner: Tie (For the Bible Tells Me So and Jesus Camp) both great documentaries. They show me why I am a Christian, both the good and bad that it can bring. Check them out.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Darjeeling Limited
Casino Royale

Blood Diamond
The Fountain
Black Snake Moan
Lady in the Water

Winner: None- all these movies were good, but all also disappointed

Actors: I won't pick a winner, but just ramble on about ones I liked.
Liked pretty much all the actors in Little Miss Sunshine- Steve Carrell, the brother, Alan Arkin the grandpa, and Greg Kinnear the dad.
Liked Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness- great performance, also Love Djimon Hounsou, no different in Blood Diamond- great performance, Denzel
was his usual awesome self in American Gangster, though not up to Training Day level, really liked Russell Crowe too, Christian Bale rocked in The Prestige- maybe my fave of the year, Michael Caine was pretty nice too, and Hugh Jackman was great in it and The Fountain even though I really didn't know what was going on, the Dad in Juno- J.K. Simmons I believe was the best character in the film, I liked the friends in Knocked up especially the one with the mohawk and the one always hitting on the married sister and gotta love the Harold Ramis cameo, Daniel Craig is a ballin' Bond, and talking about Daniel Day-Lewis and Liam Neeson in Gang of New York is almost unfare.
Wow, I guess I like men.

I couldn't help but feel tremendous compassion for Jennifer Garner in Juno. I wanted to give her that baby. Bryce Dallas Howard was great in The Lady in the Water. I guess the girl was good in Juno and I guess Scarlett-Jo was good in The Prestige. Also gotta give props to Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and Rachel Weisz in The Fountain

Hot girls- well Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in the Devil..... and Rachel Weisz and Jennifer Garner again. And a couple not mentioned yet- Jessica Alba in FF2, Sophia Bush and the rest of the girls in John Tucker Must Die, and Emmy Rossum in Posei
don- gotta be number one.

Best Scenes:
Little Miss Sunshine- getting the van to start, when the brother learns he can't be in the air force, and sneaking the grandpa out of the hospital
Knocked Up- When they were on the double date and Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd were drunk talking about Back to the Future and the Delorian- hilarious
The Pursuit of Happyness- Fighting for a spot in line at the shelter- very real
Talladega Nights- the fake commercials after the movie- make sure you see them- best part of the entire movie
Beer Fest- the initial training scene where they all get hammered on like a third of a keg and the college party scene is good too

American Gangster- the first family get together at the first house, getting all the corrupt cops
Gangs of New York- the first fight- awesome, Bill's birthday party, the mission dance and play
Jon Tucker Must Die- when he was so impossibly amazing at dunking, I'm taking mascot on trampoline good, even in a thong. The movie was real bad, but also funny. It made me think about making a movie about high school I'll keep you posted on that.

So there you go. My past year in movie viewing. I'm sure I forgot some things. But overall, lots of good comedies, no great action movie or epic drama, but I guess that's ok, but probably why Gangs of New York won. Check out those documentaries. Peace.

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Bear said...

Good stuff tony... I must say reading about your journey was pretty interesting.