Saturday, February 2, 2008

Santa Rosa, CA

It was an eventful day in Santa Rosa California, which though I never heard of it, has over 100,000 people and 450,000 in the greater metro area. California for you I guess.
We started at the high school, which was ok, we got a good number of kids on the bus, and they seemed somewhat interested. They did love the light-up pens- we gave out over 200.
Then we were supposed to go to the Junior College, but we never made it.
Why? Because we knocked over the stop light with our bus.
Yeah, it was weird. I didn't even know it happened. But it did. We had a few scrapes on the bus and a flat tire, so we had the police and city come, and then had to wait around to get the tires fixed. It sucked and was expensive, but we were back up and running pretty quickly. Another story to tell.

At night we went out with the sister of a co-worker of ours that lives in the area. We went out in cities called Cotati and Petaluma. Good stuff. Expensive, some live music, not the best, but I was reallt off my game. I need to start taking pens with my wherever I go.

Another side note... high school is a weird place. California is a weird place. Put those two together and it's pretty much another world. The kids at the presentations weren't too bad, but as we had the flat right by the school, I got to see all the kids after school. Strange stuff. I did not see a single normal kid. Apparently tight jeans are fashionable, and I'm talking Kramer from Seinfield tight, "painted on" and lots of black, lots of strange haircuts, and Chuck Taylors. And the girls, pretty weird as well. It was like the movie Pretty in Pink pretty ridiculous. It was like they all went to the thrift store and picked out five things, put them into one large pile, and picked five things to wear at random.

Yeah, high school in California is a strange place. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

P.S. Today is our second day in Santa Rosa, and it's been our worst stop ever. Raining hard, bad spot, that is why I'm writing this during the hours I'm supposed to be working.
I think "Sunny California" is a horribly inaccuarte term.

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