Thursday, February 7, 2008

Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara fulfilled all my California stereotypes- sunny, warm, nice ocean view, lots of hot girls, lots of skater/surfers, I heard the words "dude" and "brah" a lot, big sunglasses. Yes. A fun day.
We were at the campus of Santa Barbara City College. The weather was about 70 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. The campus has an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean. Students weren't too interested in what we had to say, but we talked to a lot and most were nice. And the girls, man, by far the highest concentration of very hot girls I have ever seen in my life. They just kept coming and coming. And they were all different types- like trendy designer clothes, regualr t-shirts and jeans, a bit punk, all races. Good things. Oh, and again, I saw the largest percent of girls with large breasts in my life. Suffice to say, I had trouble concentrating and did a lot of staring. Most of the people were very nice, but a lot of them seemed pretty dumb too. Yeah, I'm pretty much judging everyone today. But that happens a lot in this blog.
Santa Barbara- exactly fit my picture of what California is like.

Grade: B (no media)

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