Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekend in LA/Calabasas

Well, we were at Calabasas High School on Friday, but most of the fun happened Friday night in LA. It was my first time in LA. I got tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live. I got these about two month ago, but because of the writer's strike, I didn't know who was gonna be on until the day of. The great lineup- Flavor Flav, David Tyree, and the chef Rocco Dispirito. eh, nothing great. But it was my first time at a live show and it was pretty fun. It's very cool being there. Flavor Flav was pretty ridiculous. He was either drunk or on drugs or all the drugs he did in the 80's are still affecting him, but he took over the show. It was very entertaining and funny. Much of the show was just the lot of them clownin' and fucking around, hard to believe that is TV, but I guess that is why I like Jimmy Kimmel, pretty laid back.

Ok, the show was good, but the best part was afterwards. We hung out in Hollywood for a bit and went home pretty soon after the show. (Backstory: I got a fortune from a Chinese Restaurant the other day saying your dreams will come true when you least expect.) So we are waiting for the train, and who come down the stairs, but Uncle Frank!Now for those of you who don't know Uncle Frank, sorry, I really can't explain him. He is Jimmy's Uncle and on the show. Anyways, he was walking and I said hello. He came up to us shook our hands and talked to us for like 2 minutes. He was very nice, I mean, he's not a really celebrity, but he was a nice guy. He said "I think Flavor Flav overstepped his bounds a bit, but is a good guy. He said Jimmy is a great guy, told us how they were related, that he was now divorced. He also told us that he used to be a a NYC cop and really didn't know what he was doing on the show "I don't even drive. I just take the train." We told him about ourselves quickly. He said we were great and went on his way. A pretty funny meeting.
And I'm not saying it was my dream to meet Unlce Frank, but it was pretty cool.

Ok, Saturday we stayed in Calabasas and went out at night. Again, a beautiful day. We met a nice bartender, got a free drink and some real good food, then went to another bar. It was kind of weird. I guess all the young people go into LA and their parents, specifically mothers, go out. There were a lot of milfs out, our cougars as JJ calls them. Kind of like the Real Housewives of Orange County. Fun stuff. Yeah, I was the youngest person there. I still not some dancing, but got a little scared by the 40+ year old getting close to molesting me. ha, for real.
Sunday I hung out again in Calabasas, again a beautiful day, sat outside a lot, rehydrated, and read Harry Potter 4, and went to the movie theater by myself to watch Juno. It was good, but didn't quite live up to the hype. I like Saved better.

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