Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bakersfield, CA

The hijinx continues. A get to that in a bit.
First, Saturday night was fun, even with the $9 drink in San Jose. Wow. We had dinner with the family of one of our co-workers and it was great to have a nice home-cooked meal. Good stuff and a few drinks, and a hot tub. That was the kicker, a warm hot tub on a cold rainy night, very nice. Then we drove to San Jose to meet up with a friend of mine. Good times, lots of hot girls out in San Jose. I was a bit under dressed, I mean I can get down in a nice, club-type place, but only like twice a year. But it was good to see another familiar face.

Ok, back to the hijinx of today, more police involvement, more tow trucks, and this time, they even closed down a street for us. Yes, we got into a bit of a situation. We drove into a seemingly normail parking lot only the grade was to steep and we bottomed out. Pretty much the rear of the bus was embedded into the street. Yeah, so we got a semi tow truck, which broke the chain in its first attempt to, but eventually we got out and to the spot we were supposed to be parked about an hour and a half late. Nice, that's how we roll.
And we stopped at Bakersfield College and Cal State- Bakersfield today. Nothing special.
But good media coverage.

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