Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best Video Ever

I know there are a lot of videos flying around on the internet- I mean funny youtube videos, not porn, like funny dancing, people beating Super Mario impossibly quickly, broken legs, great goals, great shots, that intense squirrel, Joe Namath trying to kiss that ESPN sideline reporter, "Practice", "Playoffs?!" , a couple at my top are Phil Simms getting hit by a snowball and Rick Majerus talking about Rudy Gay saying "I'm not a big Gay guy." Most are very funny or cool, but here is my most favorite # 1 internet/youtube video

Wow! It is pretty much perfect. For one, it is short. I have a short attention span. Also, you see the kid running by and don't think anything of it. You think it's gonna be a great buzzer beater, then BAM the kid is airborn. Man. And to cap it off, just look at the crowds reaction. Never ceases to be hilarious.

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Thorzul said...


What's weird is that Jen and I were just looking at this video on like Sunday. Great stuff!